This Markle is obscene …

… and Harry is a fool. No, not just because she’d been around the block many times, about a dozen known, including porn actor Simon Rex and skipping over the mysterious Joe Guiliano, it was not her simulated sex onscreen and general lack of class, nor her appalling politics she insists on pushing onto the unwelcoming, nor the rift she’s caused with his brother.

No, not just those, nor the way she conducts relationships according to The Rules, according to her former best friend, this Priddy woman.

Nope, it’s her obscene ostentation, much of it at the British public’s expense.

Try these

1. What epitomised Zola Budd’s running costume?
2. Who was Maria Elena Santiago?
3. Who bowled underarm, against which team?
4. What epitomised Sandy Shaw’s singing costume?
5. Unusual fact about stewardesses?
6. Common feature of Priscilla White/Shirley Temple?
7. What leaves your mouth at 100 mph?