7. Meanwhile – Shelby Steele

A result of this generation’s explicit knowledge of America’s historical evils was to make social and political morality a more important measure of character than private morality. In the 1950s, your private morality was the measure of your character; in the 1960s, your stance against war, racism, and sexism became far more important measures—so important that you were granted a considerable license in the private realm. Sleep with whomever you wanted, explore your sexuality, expand your mind with whatever drug you liked, forgo marriage, follow your instincts and impulses as inner truths, enjoy hedonism as a kind of radical authenticity. The only important thing was that you were dissociated from American evil. Dissociation from this evil became a pillar of identity for my generation.

6. Domestic terrorists

Bill Mitchell, talk show radio host across the pond, tweeted:

Can you believe they are trying to blame white supremacists for the rioting in Minneapolis? Why would white supremacists riot over the death of Mr. Floyd?