1. BorisJohnson has been urged to reject May’s deal by his local association: “If we go for this deal, we do not take back control of our laws. We do not take back control of our trade policy. Even our immigration policy will be in flux.”

2. The uncovering of the DoJ and FBI graft – will anything eventuate from it?

Real money

This is not written for money aficianados but rather for financial amateurs such as my poor self.

Under Churchmouse’s post was a comment by John from Cheshire, who wrote:

CM, have you seen this? Do you have any thoughts on it?

I replied:

A house divided

Last one until this evening, when Dearieme once again takes up the cudgel.

This post was displaced by Sparkle earlier, so it needs to be run – what on earth is wrong with England … as in the rugby team?

I’ve been running with a theme for some time now and I notice that others have as well, in that surprising people you’d not call religious are referring to the soul of something or the spirit of something.

England no longer has that heart of oak: