Sunday evening

This is a test post, readers, just to see if I’m shut out again.  We’re currently working on getting things back together and mine host has done much work on that score.

In case I can’t get back in tomorrow here, have a good week, all.

The state of N.O.

Dear readers, it’s not as straightforward as I’d hoped. I can get in for some seconds [this post was copied to word beforehand, pasted and clicked] … then whatever it is comes after me and shuts me out, shouting about cookies and authorisation and all sorts of things. And this is all the tech giants doing it too, inc. WP.

An impossible way to blog and so I basically come in here once a day to paste something, clear spam and look around, then the chopper comes down.

That does seem to mean I’m stuck with Blogger for now until they make the major script-kiddy changes, who knows what will happen then? As for poor, dear N.O. here, for now you can view posts and comments it seems but for how long depends on so many factors.

The actual blogging is being done here:

Quite iffy comment box initially but you can get round it and then the comments thread is fine, same size as the text in the post. Not a bad layout and of course, it’s the original N.O. so I have nostalgic affection for it too.

Until tomorrow then. Enjoy Sunday – ripping weather out there.


Things seem to be back together, no posts prepared, comments are back on. Though there are no posts ready and no music, certain things have been interesting:

Also interesting is that the mayor in Tulsa has imposed a curfew only after the Trump rally is over tomorrow. Any ‘stragglers’ are to be arrested. There’s clear hostility between branches of the US, not the slightest working together whatever.

Another thing is how many Karen SJWs, the lowest form of womanhood, are in place as mayors across the US and Europe [Tulsa’s is male]. Creepy, innit? Each one dedicated to wrecking the dountry. It’s by no means just the BLM and Antifa lowlifes.

Trooble at t’site

This is my first chance since about 08.30 to get into the site – I did manage to get a post up at OoL:

Also, if you go to this site, there’s a post from 2016 which is interesting:

Today’s marathon

This started at about 05:30 this morning with intermittent issues with N.O. and since then, it’s not been fun.  Along the way, my old laptop went down when gates’s firm wanted to kick out the current bad boy and make me pay £79 for the privilege.  I tried to reboot, it locked me out of the laptop [black screen].

Across all my devices, same situation, so changed computers and it said BT was the issue.  Replugged the router, re-registered on this device, at least internet came back about 11:30 a.m. but no N.O. of course.

I’ve asked mine host to turn off all comments for now and will see if I can still access N.O. through the afternoon.  If it looks OK, comments will go back on.

For now, I’m knackered and need a snooze.


This is bizarre – it’s refusing to accept the text to post. I’ll build this post slowly and see if that strategy works.


Yep, it works. However, if I enter the text which I had to save elsewhere, then send via a circuitous route, then try to post it, it refuses. Instead, there is a full page notice saying the site does not exist.


I’m building this post paragraph by paragraph. There was one posted earlier which should not have been posted and that’s a cascade of things causing it to happen – it was a first draft which should not have gone out as a post – it mentioned a certain lady online and also certain tech giants by name.


All right. This lady mentioned things happening to her account on sjrvr [those with understanding will understand what’s happening here] and I mentioned that it could well be a cascade of events, each requiring choices at different points in the chain, and her choices at any point could be a factor.


But at the same time, it could well be malice. To me, it’s so naive to just trot out blanket aphorisms about malice, incompetence and sod’s law when there are some provable cases of certain hcet stnaig thwarting bloggers, tweeters and vloggers sommit awful. In the case of that post, some names would trigger the full page notice about me not existing.


The post was not even a major post, the major post is coming up after this one. This one has now taken three hours to finally publish.