6.  Congrats to that half of America

… supporting their nation [not DemRats, not RINOs] on their Memorial Day Monday:

Enjoy the beach, weather should be ok. To us over here – enjoy the final day of the bank holiday at the beach.

In other news, Dominic Cummings was spotted at Trump Towers and Mar-a-Lago. [He’s behind you, he’s behind you.]

5.  Planning on flying your drone today?

Sunday too

10.  People seem to be forgetting a few things

Firstly, dismiss LibLabGreenSNP and concentrate on the supposed right.  The faux right, the Tories, under Boris/Cummings have been called out by the actual right – Baker, Bone, those few Tories, plus Tice, Nigel, TBP holdovers, kippers and the topic is Cummings.

I’ve no reason to like Cummings – his behaviour vis-a-vis the gullible Farage was despicable and he’s prevented new real conservatives from coming into parliament.  Whether any would have won, had the Tories not stoo in those seats – weeeelll, who knows?

As for his travels, Cummings, I’m not so gung ho.  Iain Dale is though on radio – he’s quite hot under the collar that he [Iain] had to stay 158 miles from home but Cummings was able to journey twice.

Boris, who only seems capable of ruling by SpAd, would be lost if Cumming goes – I don’t mean officially stands down, I mean for real.  How bad would that be?  Well his global One Nation Unipartyism I feel would increase – he’d now be bowing to Remoaners.