No particular reason

Don’t forget, folks, June 20th, Tulsa, POTUS rally [the left are asking if anyone had Cv and would they like to be paid to go there?]

This singer below has been run before, obviously indie, you’d think he’d be popular but people I know who generally like the music here are lukewarm or noncommittal on this song – wonder why, is it the voice? The song itself has a nice rhythm:

It’s probably nothing

Fairly extensive day out there and I’ll look at the Cv part of it first.

Frankly, supermarts are as confused as GPs and people in general about whether we’re in quarantine or not. We either are … or we’re not. If we are, we go out for essentials and that’s it, leaving aside for now the leftist rioting and moaning en masse.

But take our supermart, Morrisons – the traffic on the roads was unrestricted, cars everywhere, ditto in the carparks. No one with masks on anywhere, no gloves. Yet you could only have a pre-sanitised trolley. No queuing, no restrictions and the narrow isles were again packed, maybe 12 people in one aisle right near you.

Yet at the checkout, you still queued standing on circles and could not approach the deli counter before that. It was as if they were playacting at being Cv responsible.

Leaving that and moving on, the moment I went inside, there was almost no produce. I asked then and later, back here, also my neighbour whether something had been announced by Johnson or Hancock, because the shelves were stripped of goods.

At one point in the store, I asked where the potatoes were – there were only some horrible red ones I could see. Then I found one bag of small tatties, was told there’d been no delivery. Ok, understood.

But then, as I went up and down aisles, so many shelves were bare of all sorts of items – whaaaaa? And different items have different deliveries. Seemed suspect.

As mentioned in the heading – might just be nothing. Keep your eyes open.

Genesis of a monster

We can decry it all we like from our keyboards – they’re not just doing it but filming it in the streets. There are three main demographics of now, the first split into two groups.

The first is the jihadis, now overshadowed by the blacks and the second is female SJWs/Karens. I’m not running the clip of the 92 year old woman punched by a black passing her on the footpath, nor the black woman who had a skateboard swung at her by another black, nor the black man punching the hell out of a white woman on the ground until someone takes him out but you get the idea. They got the first one, by the way.

Nor could I be bothered with the jihadis today, it’s unpleasant. There is a third group – Antifa/BLM and of course, one cabal enabling all of these – we’ve run a fair bit on them.



This is why conservatives have lost the culture war for decades. They use the language of progressives, play into the narrative of progressives, and have these conversations on progressive-controlled platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can’t win a battle on a battlefield that the enemy controls and with weapons that the enemy designed and built.

This weaponized language is created to be “attack proof.” Who would dare say “I agree with hate speech?” Who would dare say “systemic racism” isn’t bad? This is word wizardry. It’s specifically crafted to cripple any form of dissent and to only hold power when used by the left. Projecting their own weapons back at them has no effect. In fact, it only makes those weapons stronger when used against you.

Hate speech doesn’t exist. Stop legitimizing it.

I suppose we even do that with the word Woke.