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Almost all political sites say the same – no direct ad hominem please.   Call an idea idiotic, call someone in the public sphere an idiot but don’t call a fellow commenter that.   Also, no claims about anyone if you don’t have the direct evidence.

Also, please be vaguely on topic.   Even trolls know what that means – it’s fine to go off at a tangent but that’s a different thing to trying to hijack the discussion and take it down your own well-worn path.

There’s no swearing policy per se, unless it’s ad hominem.


When a post goes up, the authors reserve the right to edit that post in situ for an hour.    Therefore, if you’re about to leap onto something said in a new post, give it that hour because it might not be finished.    I know it’s a pain but sometimes you can only see a post up and then realize something’s wrong or out of order or a grammar error got through or whatever.

We’ll play fair though because after that hour, any changes need to be telegraphed to readers, i.e. you’re told the post changed, how it did and why.    There’s past history guiding this.   One blogger who shall remain nameless used to launch personal attacks, even with graphics, then go in later and remove the post so no one could get him.

For a start, that’s idiocy as there’s a thing called an RSS feed and secondly, it’s rank dishonesty.   We do not do that at this site.    There would have to be a specific reason to take down a post or a pic.   We’d telegraph the whole thing to you.


All reasonable effort is made to track down the owners of images and to embed images [or footnotes] with urls but that’s not always possible with old images bearing no attribution.

If we’re notified an image is copyright, then when the notifier can prove it is his/hers, we’ll take down immediately if requested.  Any attempt at extortion of money, tried on a few times in the past, is met with Arkell v Pressdram.    It has been tried on but there is, under the law of this country, an obligation on the complainant to give a “reasonable time” to take down.

At N.O., we see that reasonable time as 24 hours.


This blog has James Higham as admin, but all authors have editorial freedom as regards content. Authors therefore bear responsibility for what they write, as well as the admin.    If a legal issue arises with an author, then we’ll discuss it.


The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) indicates that new cookie compliance rules came into force on 26th May, 2012. It indicates that implied consent is a valid form of consent and therefore Nourishing Obscurity would like readers/users to understand that using this site might result in cookies being used.

No other notice is given.


Except for Google Ad Sense, this site does not do link exchanges .   If you would like to place a 125 x 125 ad or a half size, I’m here to listen via the contact form but this site does not do single line ads.


James Higham

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2 Responses to “Posts, comments, privacy etc.”

  1. Steve Hayes July 23, 2013 at 04:23 Permalink

    If you follow the “freedom of speech” argument to its illogical conclusion, you’d have to allow every piece of spam that anyone cares to post.

  2. James Higham July 23, 2013 at 06:09 Permalink

    That’s right, Steve. It’s a fine line.

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