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Accidentally delicious

It never ceases to amaze that all too often, that which one sets out to produce as a masterpiece almost never is but sometimes, a ‘fill-the-gap’ meal can turn out ultra-delish. For me, ultra-delish is when it’s gone almost instantly and the aftertaste lingers a good 20 minutes, leaving a craving, just as with a special lady.

The iPad pic truly does no justice – they were the best chips, meaning crisp on the outside and soft on the inside [I switched to Maris Pipers] and that garlic chicken – a day’s marinading made all the difference. The herb greens set it off.

To have added a sauce would have killed it – the chicken might not look moist in the pic but it was. You’ll notice the small portion – I find I just cannot eat more than this at a sitting these days, particularly post-heart-event. The wine was nice too.… More here ...

Quirky coconut

Just made a fruit salad and thought – rather than ice-cream or Ambrosia with it, use dessicated coconut. Tastes nice.

Have you done anything culinarywise of late?

More here ...

Early tattie time

Mark’s been digging up the tubers:

This year I gave over much more space to potatoes, and have been digging up several of the varieties I planted in the Spring.

It’s a bit early to be doing this, but the foliage had died back on these plants, and didn’t look like it was going to add anything to the potatoes in the ground.

I think perhaps I didn’t water them enough during the recent dry spell – other potato plants that the watering system reaches better are still growing strongly.

He tends to do these things, plus run gites and play the flute.… More here ...

One simply cannot prepare …

… pizza without copious amounts of Chianti and belting out La Traviata in the pizza kitchen.

Not going to post the item this time when cooked, am going to eat it first. Main reason is that this is the new oven, first time, so shall see how it goes.… More here ...

Close to the perfect pizza in my book

… provided you like wholemeal dough, herbs and garlic, plus pepperoni.

Sad thing is that the photo, taken with the iPad eye, does not give the rich colour – makes it look burnt. It was the closest to perfect I’ve yet done to the texture and taste.

You know when you make the dough and everything is right – the yeast makes a perfect head on top of the sugar water, the dough comes out an itsy-bit moist but not damp … etc. I knew then this was going to be good.… More here ...