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No it’s not spam, just N.O. google-translating Chinese, ah-so:


Much mirth can be occasioned. My first thought was to write:


… or the traditional Chinese greeting:


Or you can give the traditional highland greeting to newcomers:

Thoir dhomh còig notaichean, Jimmy, no bidh thu san ospadal!

Hours of pleasure can be had. No, we’re not off our noodle.… More here ...

Something for Epiphany [1]

Not exactly sure what this or tomorrow morning’s post has to do with Epiphany but it all sounds quite noble.

Pumpkins all the way down

A tale of Chuckles’s pumpkin harvest:

Not bad a couple of months after the crime was committed.  Still in very good nick.

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Cinnamon sugar scones


Who can forget the joy of discovering cinnamon toast as a kid? The enchanted combination of butter, sugar, and cinnamon seemed to pop up all the time: on Sunday mornings, it was the pleasure of a lazy breakfast with family; after school it seemed to cure scraped knees and later heartbreak; and when we first left home, it was the snack of choice at 2 a.m.

Now that we’re all grown up, that same comfort and pleasure has grown up with us in the form of warm, freshly baked scones studded with lots of little crumbles of cinnamon sugar and Land O Lakes® Unsalted Butter. Finally, they get brushed with buttery cinnamon sugar and drizzled with cinnamon sugar glaze.More here ...

Slow cooker eggnog latte

This has been playing on your mind, clearly, but here’s the good oil:

For this recipe, just go with store-bought eggnog. Since you’ll be adding coffee to these lattes, just get something inexpensive at the store. Save your homemade, aged, tasty eggnog for sipping straight-up. Also, the eggs in store-bought eggnog are already heat pasteurized, so they won’t scramble or curdle while heating in the slow cooker.

We’ve added cinnamon sticks, vanilla, and freshly grated nutmeg to the lattes because they make the whole house (and drink) smell amazing, but here’s the key: Add half of the nutmeg in the beginning, then add the rest of it with the vanilla just before serving. This two-step process ensures that there’s nutmeg simmering in the drink, but the addition at the end means the nutmeg stays vibrant and really sings as you sip it.

These lattes are tasty straight from the slow cooker, but feel free to garnish with whipped cream, more nutmeg, cinnamon, or a shot of your favorite alcohol if you want to make it extra special.More here ...