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Of late, I’ve taken to making these triple-oh sandwiches and they have been delish. I have a tub of chopped veg I cook up, hopefully al dente – usual thing, cabbage, pepper, mushrooms, carrot, with thyme. The beef is silverside, the chutney plum:

With guests, I’d add greenery to one side and shift the sarnies over but for me it’s fine:

You?… More here ...

Why Starbucks failed in Australia

“Australia already had an entrenched coffee-culture (Melbourne specifically) and Starbuck’s didn’t even come close to our bottom end cafes. Horrible bitter, sour acidic beans, burnt by amateur baristas, overloaded with sugary syrups and served up in garish corporate branded cups and clear plastic 7-eleven style containers.

Then there was the price.” [A commenter below the youtube]

It’s not often you see me praising Australia, particularly in its modern manifestation under the same sort of political “leadership” as Britain endures but there is one area in which Melburnians in particular excel [not so much Sydney, the culturally poor man’s Melbourne].

The video certainly hinted at the reason and it was confirmed in comments in a few places – Melburnians are quite sophisticated cafe-goers and they know their stuff. Culinarily [sorry for that word], they are far more in line with Paris and Florence than with New York or London.… More here ...

Feeling peckish?

This would ordinarily be quiz time but I don’t have enough material and am not at the computer long enough these days to run two per week. Monday’s will remain but Thursdays is going to be something culinary.

So let’s start with Chuckles’s contribution

Now to lunch today and how quick and easy it can be – Chinese chicken:… More here ...

Aesthetics and price

What do mallards and chickens have in common?  They’re both birds.

The mallard was included because of aesthetics. The chicken because of price. Aesthetics are important and many a post on this site has addressed that, the music attempts to be of quality, if there were two trains at the station – a two carriage orange and grey sprinter and the Mallard, guess which one I’d take, regardless of where it was going?

We’ve looked at the Frankfurt School and the attempt to instill ugliness in the land, for impoverished tastes lead to impoverished lives, which leads to control by Them.… More here ...