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Cheat’s brunch

When you really couldn’t be bothered and it’s too late for breakfast. Packet mash, tinned peas, creme fraiche, fresh chives, last night’s remaining pulled pork. As the pork is sweet, it’s OK for before midday.

Your instant brunch?… More here ...

Saumon jus de vie

I wanted something vaguely in the rude food tradition, hence the name in the title and those droplets at the front but then realized that a) pringles had nothing to do with that theme and b) rigid puritanism would not stand for it.

So I’m now calling it Pringles de saumon:

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The good and the bad – their advertising is woeful, can’t find a good pic of their apple pie, so had to use this:

Point is, some 6-9 months ago, they were struggling against Lidl and Aldi and were reducing their lines, there were fewer staff, fewer tills and so on – signs of a store on its way out.

Then they started doing something without advertising that they were doing it – I was talking to ASDA UK today by phone – in this was vastly increasing the quality of their own lines.  They have two levels – Smart and then Home brand. Go for Home because it not only undercuts the Name brands of that item, it’s actually better in some cases.… More here ...

Pulled pork and leftovers

There’s some pulled pork left here, but the fresh greens are gone – the challenge is how to use that pulled pork?

Elevenses was par for the course earlier – used up the spagbol sauce left over, threw in some noodles and hard cheese.

Some vegies stay fresh a long time – cabbage, green beans, mangetout, peppers, also I have tins of carrots, baked beans, peas, plenty of brown rice – there are options but which combination goes well with pulled pork?  I’m a bit hazy on pulled pork.

Also, I have an issue – the dental.  Even a burger would rip out the teeth so it needs to be “fall apart” food.

So, here’s my version of pulled pork:

Hmmmm, it was good but could have done with some red beans, possibly not carrot or mushies.  Think it was better than that one at the top though – more moist and saucy.… More here ...