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Aesthetics and price

What do mallards and chickens have in common?  They’re both birds. The mallard was included because of aesthetics. The chicken because of price. Aesthetics are important and many a post on this site has addressed that, the music attempts to…

Chocoholics Anonymous

In the light of the AA post last evening, I looked at other addictions and wanted to know if chocolate was a real addiction or not. That’s when I found this. They’re really going to cure the addiction, aren’t they?

Jefferson’s bourbon experiment

Via Popular Mechanics: If you ship whiskey on a river, does it taste better? We wanted to know, so we ran an experiment. There’s an old story in the whiskey world: Before trucks and bottling lines, all American whiskey was…

Too early?

I reserve the right to have the prosciutto and emmental on spelt and rye this early in the morning for late brekky! Ran out of greenery unfortunately. What was your brekky?

Cumbershepherdcottagewhatsit pie

Couldn’t think what to have, had some stewed steak at hand, thought I’d make Cumbershepherdcottagewhatsit pie: With red wine, natch. Need a full stomach to fight Blocked Dwarf on Brexit. 🙂 https://www.thespruceeats.com/what-is-cumberland-pie-435424