Dear readers of N.O.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the last post here at this version of N.O., long live N.O., currently at:

Should there be any change to that, it will be posted over there.

Site’s been sterling, it’s suffered many hits over time but always came through … not this time I’m afraid. Best to archive any texts you’re interested in while you can.

Thanks once again, not forgetting mine host, and see you on the other side. 😀

Is this the end for nourishing obscurity?

For the next few days until, I think, it will be after or near the end of the weekend, all blogging for what you knew as nourishing obscurity is at:

It does start to look as if N.O. here is moribund as I just cannot get into the site dashboard without multiple attempts and this includes the site front page itself also not appearing in regular browsers.

The truly bizarre thing about it is that none of you [except FoS and a few others] seem to have any trouble seeing the front page. This leads to a head-scratching wonderment about what’s got into me.

What’s got into me is this: