6. Eat more pig !!!

5.  Home affairs

4.  A very good question

The short answer is yes – there are big things scheduled for 2020 by Them and he is most certainly pushing the provocation so that it explodes:

The overall but not final aim is to weaken the Constitution such that it would require a total review and of course, referendum – the gun issue is but one component of that.

Another is the Muslims and is there anyone more annoying than this little cow?

3.  Interesting coincidence

A MAGA lady on Twitter called Elaine wrote:

We sit in our armchairs speculating on what will happen, helped by pundits & experts…but the truth is we hope, & even believe, but have no idea what will happen. We have never been here & democrats are the dirtiest, evil creatures on earth. Expect nasty!

At the same time, a mate of mine wrote:

Way too early for such things, we have absurd amounts of narrative to endure before any info or indicators stagger into view.

I’m not disputing any of that – on the other hand, there is this:

People are starting to form opinions, the sham ‘impeachment’ is a catalyst, it is time to make sure that truly MAGA people are the candidates, although I agree we should wait for the Senate’s reaction vote, just as over here, we should wait for what Johnson actually does on the 31st.

2. Housekeeping

Now, just in case you feel all this is too NorthAmericacentric, don’t forget firstly – we’re all meant to be asleep at 4 a.m. and North America and Oz are awake, and secondly, nothing’s happening here – there’ll be something on HS2 after your humble blogger gets a bit of sleep.

Meanwhile, Pelosi’s statement on the impeachment sham:

1. Drag racing?

First thought was how on earth could anyone object to a bit of street racing? Not even Springsteen is against that.–566913161.html

Then it hit me – they were using the wrong vehicles!

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]


5. “Lies are their currency”

NorthAmericaphobes will not like Polly, she does join dots but generally does so validly and always based on homework, plus she does not have a stud through her tongue like the British version who says, ‘Kmwwhgd jkurs hresd!’ Quite passionately. Polly is straight.

A new reality

Jeremy Corbyn’s hard-left protege Rebecca Long-Bailey takes a shock five point LEAD over centrist Keir Starmer in Labour leadership race, new poll shows 

Mother who used her BMW to deliberately run over two teenage boys in revenge for ‘knock and run’ prank on her her house and left one with a BROKEN LEG is spared jail

Too Faced Cosmetics boss FIRES his sister for making transphobic comment about YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials after his sibling said ‘that’s not all she’s been lying about’

Berlin: Transwoman Gets Into Brawl After Assaulting Hijab-Wearing Woman

BBC amazed to discover high-trust societies

Skimming through this wordy work, given that I skim through maybe 30 – 35 such pieces a day on a slack day, this stood out in this particular leftwing piece:

Who are the new gods? This is what makes our moment so interesting: the conventional wisdom is cracking up but its replacement hasn’t quite consolidated.


6.  As we sink further and further into the mire

The interpretation of the term white nationalist is just one interesting aspect of the lawsuit brought by Peter Brimelow, editor of VDare. He is suing the New York Times, according to Brimelow, for falsely labeling him a white nationalist.

He not only denies being a white nationalist, he claims the company deliberately labeled him as such in an effort to damage his reputation, even after he made many good faith attempts to point out the error to them. He is seeking $5 million in damages.

That is the first interesting angle to this case. Intent is always a central part of defamation cases. The defendant must be shown to have intentionally libeled or slandered the other party.

Approaching peak insanity where anything decreed by some left thinktank controls the govts of the world dream up some new hijacking and framing in order to criminalise.