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12.  It’s a point

If you haven’t already checked her out or memory is defective, this is Juanita.  Adds an edge to the comment, think you not?

And from Rossa’s mother:

11.  You be real careful now

Nice bit of Sunday reading to help us all relax. Another take:

10.  Hands up if you saw this

9.  State of the debate

Of course, the people in the skeptic camp could be the ones suffering from some form of madness that prevents them from seeing the threat. The trouble is, the great plague is not exactly lighting up the scoreboard. America has tested over 600,000 people suspected of having the virus. Over 500,000 tested negative. Of the positives, 12,000 needed hospital care. In a country of over 320 million people with 200,000 empty hospital beds at any one time, that’s not much of a crisis.

Tempted to write ‘mass’ in the sub-heading.

8.  A grating issue

When one is eating virtual baby food, how does the white choc get into the system?

7. Physical graffiti

In the case of the BBC1 logo, the object was a rubber ball-sized globe rotating in front of a concave mirror. The oceans were painted on the globe in metallic black paint, and the land masses were left unpainted. The camera filmed the rotating globe in black and white, then added in the color.

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Warning – if you access this, it is sickening, not for those with high blood pressure:

Quite right – no one asked for it but people DID vote for it this year in returning Johnson whom I for one said was going to betray Britain. My mate said it might even have been better for Corbyn to get in – irrelevant in our constituency which is tribal Labour but by doing that, much of the country would realise they were in trouble.

Johnson in his Tory colours and with the word Brexit plastered over his lecterns could hide the fact that he had no intention whatever of following conservative policies, the people voted in droves for what they wanted, shutting out the fact that he was certainly never going to implement what the country so dearly wants, he’s been pushing WA2 plus vanity projects plus mouthing reassuring platitudes 24/7 and I’d say he knew Cv was around the corner – Cummings would have known anyway.

Cv strikes, borders are kept wide open to anyone rowing a boat across, to get free checks for Cv on this side.  Meanwhile, these sorts of things go on:


6. Spring

5. Housekeeping

Had to retire this header:

Issue is ‘overview’.  Just as an animal at the waterhole keeps the eyes peeled around him, just as a motorist watches a couple of hundred yards in each direction – up, down, above, for potholes and verges too and uses the rear-vision for the rest – then focusing on something downwards plus close in is really not my thing, it agitates me.  It’s not unlike sitting in a pub – unless I can get a seat with an overview of what’s happening, I’ll not sit there in the remaining place, for any reason.  Maybe it was military training as well.

Health so-so, dental I’ll sort tomorrow if poss.

4. Fatwah on Eccles

Take for example the Tommy Cooper joke: “I bought some pork chops and told the butcher to make them lean. He said, ‘Which way?'”

With this joke the late Mr Cooper (99 today) has managed to offend Jews and Muslims (mentioning pork), fat people (mentioning “lean”) and people with one leg shorter than the other (the other meaning of “lean”). So watch out for Mohammed Ben Fatwa, the overweight Muslim with a limp!

Thanks, Toodles, for the tip.

3. Can’t be too careful

I was seriously not going to do another of these for a long time but it was just there, wasn’t it, crying out to be posted. Halfway through it and still in bed, getting hungry at 8 a.m. Hope no one dies … in the story I mean:

08:18: Just finished it. Er … wow. The things which can go wrong! I once flew Ansett. Or was it TAA?

2. One’s home is one’s castle

He who enters someone’s home, armed, has forfeited any rights. Fundamental principle. Defensive pushback is, naturally, automatic:

1. MSM slant again

Only this time, from a youtuber:

As for some of those commenters – I commented on them.

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Niceness is also catching

Mike writes of this happy clapping:

I wrote in reply:

I’ve a mixed feeling about it. No to the happy clapping on demand to virtue signal, of course, but I also saw one particular Spanish lady work so hard the entire time I was left on a trolley in the main receiving area in 2017, about ten hours I recall.

She never stopped and came over whenever she could. She was on duty the entire time. I was all for the appreciation bit until BJ came out of N10 clapping and urging everyone else.

Which brings me to the last shopping mission. There were two quite distinct types – those in uniform with grim faces, determined to make everyone suffer by bossing us about, then the type of lesser immortal in the aisles stacking shelves and they were nice to deal with.

I asked where tomato puree was, she told me an aisle, I said I’d find it.

I couldn’t, gave it away and headed for the frozen aisle. A lady came up, holding a tube of the paste in one hand, a tetra pack in another. She explained that she’d heard the conversation and had seen I’d walked right by it.  This was a member of the public, not an employee.

I was gobsmacked, momentarily lost for words, then blurted out what I could by way of appreciation, taking the tube.

It was a nice experience that day with anyone just Joe Public, a rotten experience with anyone High Officiousness who’d let power go to her head.

Up to the late 90s

If classical music defined a century or part of a century, popular music defined decades or parts of decades and I did read yet again that the music died in the 90s.  I’d pinpoint it around 1997, somewhere there, when it ceased being real and became overproduced and autotuned, with obligatory adenoidal negress howling, en masse, talent hardly mattering any more.

The 80s were a musical blur for me due to work and family, the only group I remember being the Bangles but I do remember the new aggression from females out for all they could get and it was being fuelled by Them.

The end of the 80s saw almost all songs having to use this world rap structure, from MC Hammer to Betty Boo to the boy bands like Take That 1989, Backstreet Boys 1993.  I for one despaired that it would ever break out of this but there were things going on – Radiohead, Nirvana, metal, Blur 1988, Oasis 1991 … and then those appalling girl bands – Spice Girls 1994, through to Girls Aloud in the early 2000s.  I saw one of their song clips and it was bad, really bad.

It was also splitting into genres because I was back in education and listening to what the kids listened to, including indie bands such as three of those below, there was Pulp, it the last attempt at real creativity but by the mid 90s, you could hear it slipping away as men became SNAGs and females became appalling.  This was one of the last gasp attempts at originality: