Three great dramas of the C20th

Within this linked post, via the boys, is this text:

Hitchens argued that Orwell was an intellectual of such tremendous consequence because he got the “three great dramas” of the 20th century right.

I’ll not make comment at this stage, but rather ask you – what do you consider the three great dramas of the C20th, given the constraints for the sake of the exercise, of there being just three?

It’s the rank dishonesty which gets me

There’s been considerable footage of the hearing in Congress online, of which this is but one:

It’s not necessary, though it confirms it, to be able to access this Twitter video clip – essentially, the witness confirmed Jim Jordan’s and all the other Republican direct questions – JJ asked that if ‘bribery’ is the centre of this whole investigation, why has no witness yet brought in that word?  Also, was there ‘quid pro quo’, apparently a key DemRat point? No witness asserted under oath – yes. When asked would it be wrong had POTUS done that, they asserted -yes.

Yet the Daily Mail comes out with this: