Just thrown in at random [1]

1. From the Supreme Court:

The judgment in ‘R (on behalf of Miller) v The Prime Minister’ and ‘Cherry and others v Advocate General for Scotland’ will be handed down at 10.30am on Tuesday 24 September in Courtroom 1

2. Ian Macauley this morning in England, lol:

This morning I will mostly be getting wet while I work as it’s banging down. This afternoon I will be getting soaked while I walk the dogs. It’s nice to have variety in life.

Like it.

3. Stupid beech [tree – this is a family blog]:

Duchess of Sussex tells South Africa: ‘I am here as a mother, as a wife, as a woman of colour, and as your sister’

Pukey McVomit. And this:

‘Woman of colour’ Meghan calls for end to sexual violence

Pass the bucket.

4. Strongly disagree – a burger should be cooked right through and seared on the outside, not blood raw on the inside unless you want to to be sick:


And you can keep your blood pudding too.

5. When’s someone going to tell the truth about migration from hot climes?


6. Just not going to waste any time on this bimbette:


7. It’s all too depressing but we have noted the names:


8. Assange:


[Nuff for now, thanks, crew]

Try these

1. What genus is allium commonly referred to as?
2. Name three cetaceans.
3. Difference between thorns and prickles?
4. Origin of the name Ribena?
5. Name three of the family accipitridae.
6. Technical definition of a planet?
7. Three different body types?


Via Rossa’s mother, from Wideawake [Q army]:

A quick look at Gr€ta and her masonic cabal ancestry and the people backing her. Here in Europe, we had the ‘joy’ of mk greta for quite some time now. This is the most obvious social engineering operation for quite some time.

A relative of her Father, the chemist Svante Arrhenius is the founder of the Global Warming scam.

Trollop fest

This was going to start with ‘never have I seen such …’ then became ‘seldom have I seen such …’ and now must become ‘it’s all too common …’

… to see such classless trollops prancing about as if they’re something special but revealing themselves to be people of little worth, although with heaps of money rolling in.