Not this shill again… surely

I thought we’d already disposed of this shill but today the Telegraph brings her back in full cry.  For goodness sake!  As was said back then:

There are so many things about it. Firstly, she is precisely that type of Blair Babe, the right age [meaning too young to be making policy moves which affect out lives], idealistic, talented, ambitious, undereducated [by definition if she went through the PC indoctrinating school system of the last 30 years] and yet conformist and starry eyed at being “selected” by the big boys – precisely the type of “nice” person one meets all over New Britain and whom ageing men in power [as I formerly was] are wont to promote as part and parcel of the “anything new must be good with govspeak attached to it” and let’s all suddenly get on on the internet and support this worthy cause and this lovely young lady.

She wants millions on line by 2012?  I’m quite sure Big Brother would like that.

2 comments for “Not this shill again… surely

  1. October 14, 2009 at 20:50

    Well, the more folk go online, the more chance our fellow human beings are going to have to read something approximating to the truth, which they won’t get from the managed media, that’s for sure.

    And, er,there’s this from that Telegraph piece:
    “The report also examined how much money the government could save if it communicated with the majority of the general public digitally.”..such as doing all its situations vacant advertising cheaply through a couple of cheap, private sector websites, rather than through the Guardian, the TES and the TFES.
    Just a little fantasy of mine: seeing Pravda, Izvestia and Signal going bankrupt in a fortnight.

  2. October 15, 2009 at 02:45

    It’s not the going online which is the problem, it’s the government telling us, through a young lovely, that we must. Money saved is the reason we can understand – a Gordo sort of reason – but that is not the only reason, as uncommon sense would tell you, given all the other plans for us from Them.

    The fact that the Telegraph ran the same story again and will again and again is an indicator in itself.

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