Still not final proof

It still falls tantalizingly short of the outright proof required but it gets awfully close:

“The Berlusconi government has never authorized or allowed any form of payment of sums of money in favour of members of the insurgent Taliban in Afghanistan, and is not aware of similar initiatives by the previous government,” said a statement issued by Berlusconi’s office.

Naturally, nothing Berlusconi or his office says should be regarded as the truth and yet the allegations will fall dismayingly into:

1.  Unproven and anyway, governments do many things, e.g. through Ollie North;

2.  Well, Berlusconi wanted to stymie the U.S.  and did this underhand thing;

3.  Berlusconi is a good guy and only wanted to save his troops from being killed.

The explanation almost no one will put forward, which this blog has done though on numerous occasions, is that Berlusconi, as one of Them, wanted to keep the pot boiling for reasons which have been laid out by Them on numerous occasions.  Read Maurice Strong, read Quigley, read an array of top men – would you like me to quote them all over again?

The bottom line is gross disloyalty at the top to country, western society and any sort of decency.

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  1. October 15, 2009 at 20:51

    Whether or not he is a Good Guy is open to debate, but the number of Italian troops killed is very small compared to US or UK troops, so isn’t that A Good Thing, from the point of view of the Italians who elected him?

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