Pauline Pierce and Aleister Crowley

Sometimes the thing you’ve been pursuing turns out to be a red herring.

Such was the tale of Barbara [Pierce] Bush being Crowley’s daughter with Pauline Robinson.  Personally, I couldn’t care less.  She does look more like him than dear old Marvin [Pauline’s magnate husband] but that’s hardly proof.

The timeline certainly allows it:

Then in 1910 Crowley was contacted by Theodore Reuss, the head of an organization based in Germany called the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.). This group of high-ranking Freemasons claimed to have discovered the supreme secret of practical magick, which was taught in its highest degrees.

Apparently Crowley agreed, becoming a member of O.T.O. and eventually taking over as head of the order when Reuss suffered a stroke in 1921. Crowley reformulated the rites of the O.T.O. to conform them to the Law of Thelema, and vested the organization with its main purpose of establishing Thelema in the world.

Crowley’s primary focus was in the practice of “sex magick”. He believed that communication with Lucifer was made possible through abherrent sexual behavior and climax. He preferred the evil practice of being sodomized, but was also known for developing other gross violations of human sexual norms. One example is the practice he developed of literally “sexing” someone to death. His organization was kicked out of Italy when an initiate died at his and his followers hands.

Pauline Pierce, the mother of Barbara Bush, reportedly frequented the bedrooms of the rich and famous. Pauline reportedly was working as Crowley’s assistant in 1924, when he was attempting to reach the highest degree of the OTO through the practices of sexual debauchery.

“Pauline returned to America in early October of 1924. On June 8, 1925, she gave birth to a girl named Barbara. Barbara Pierce married George H.W. Bush, who eventually became the 41st President of the United States.”

Pauline’s mother was Lula Dell Flickinger, which brings in the Hussite Moravian Bohemian Brethren connection and exploring the Flickinger name brings up pornstars [and here] and reality stars, which doesn’t get us too far.  The father is here.  The Moravian link brings in the Bobliger witch trials and others.  There’s more detail here on the family.  Bohemia features large in the family’s antecedents.

The trouble with the rebuttals are that though they establish that it is impossible to definitively say Pauline and Crowley were the parents, attempts to refute it in terms of the timeline have been clumsy, as have been the attempts at going vague on details, as Wiki do.  One claim was that it was impossible that Crowley was the father because he’d already been kicked out of the Italian monastery where he did the sex magik because of the death of one of the participants.

Actually, no one says the conception was there:

During the Abbey period, a Crowley follower had accidentally died during a magickal ceremony. The incident created a firestorm of unwanted publicity (the sensationalist British press labeled Crowley “The Wickedest Man in the World”), which prompted Mussolini’s government to expel Crowley and his followers from Italian soil. By 1924, he lived in poverty in France, where Frank Harris kindly took him under his roof. This arrangement inevitably brought Crowley into contact with Nellie.


Pauline Robinson had befriended an woman named Nellie O’Hara, an American adventuress who, at some point during her European travels, met the famed writer Frank Harris. Despite his advancing years, Harris still maintained a reputation for sexual excess that rivaled Crowley’s. During this period (1919-1927), Nellie and Frank Harris lived as man and wife, although they could not actually wed because Harris’ second wife was still alive and would not grant a divorce.

Harris and Crowley were good friends and had a financial connection.

Nellie’s friend Pauline no doubt scandalized her social circle by traveling to France on her own and leaving two very young children in the care of nursemaids.

However, her correspondence with her friend — whose life in France with a famous literary figure must have seemed quite glamorous — can only have inspired a sense of wanderlust. Her husband, increasingly bound to his duties with the McCall Corporation, did not share this spirit of adventure.

Thus it was that four individuals came together: Frank Harris, Nellie O’Hara, Pauline Pierce, and Aleister Crowley. Anyone who has studied Crowley’s life will understand that what happened next was, in a sense, inevitable.

Crowley’s diaries for this period record the initials “PVN,” a cryptic reference to his favorite sexual position, which some of his partners found distasteful. (The letters derive from the Latin for “By way of the Infernal Entrance.”) This is a common annotation in the records of Crowley’s magical practices. We also find the strange initials “ECL.”

A key is in the “the supreme ordeal connected with his attainment of the Grade of Ipsissimus”:

Finally the Candidate will into a sleep of utter exhaustion, resembling coma, and it is now that delicacy and skill must be exquisite. Let him be roused from this sleep by stimulation of a definitely and exclusively sexual type. Yet if convenient, music wisely regulated will assist.

The attendants will watch with assiduity for signs of waking; and the moment these occur, all stimulation must cease instantly, and the Candidate be allowed to fall again into sleep; but no sooner has this happened than the former practice is resumed.

There were two “ladies” present with Crowley around that time – but of course there might have been others – Pauline Robinson and Nellie O’Hara.

Pauline returned to America in early October of 1924. On June 8, 1925, she gave birth to a girl named Barbara.

On the other hand, the Crowley site disputes this:

Hirsig’s role as Crowley’s initiatrix reached a pinnacle in the spring of 1921 when she presided over his attainment of the grade of Ipsissimus, the only witness to the event.

Two problems with that are that it was 1924 and it speaks of attendants [plural].

Deleted Wiki has this:

According to the August 07, 2000 issue of Time Magazine Pauline was killed in an automobile accident when her husband, who was driving the car, lost control as he reached over to stop a cup of hot coffee from sliding across the seat onto his wife. The car crashed into a stone wall, killing Pauline instantly.

What we have

The same sources start to repeat themselves around the web but it does seem to place Pauline Robinson there for those orgies.

There are other questions about Pauline Robinson.  Firstly, why was she allowed to travel on her own [given the times] and why did she not, for example, visit different convents doing philanthropic work, in some sort of grand tour?  Why does she connect with Crowley and Harris and try to debauch herself, with two young children left at home in America?

What was her view on Christian marriage and the notion of fidelity?  What was her husband’s role in all this?  How much did he know?  Why did Louise Brooks and other women frequent Randolph Hearst’s mansion?

What sort of pedigree was that for future presidents of the U.S.A. and what sort of foreign policy can one expect from the man in charge of the CIA during the MK Ultra fallout, the American plunge into the Arab world and other niceties, given that his grandmother was of this calibre?  What of Prescott Bush?

Product of or definer of the times?

Leaving that aside, look at the times – the mid-20s and what was going on, particularly with the breaking out of women.

The next such breaking out or reduction in the moral tone of society, as a social conservative would term it, was during the 60s and after that –  in the current time now, where even children are being brought into the whole scene.

Whether you think this is a good or bad thing depends on how you view the descent of society.  I was surprised, when I ran a flappers youtube some time back, that one commenter said she thought the women were awful – they lacked dignity.

I’d term the process more that women lost their feminine mystique, their most protective characteristic.  While they thought that they were becoming more accepted intellectually and were more independent and sophisticated, less complex and more in touch with their sexual freedom, in fact they, as a species, were becoming far less respected.

If in real life flappers, speakeasy patrons and the supposedly amoral upper class were bit players, in the movies these characters stole the show. The era’s “new morality” showed up onscreen in spicy yarns about infidelity, wild parties, sexual hijinks and criminal pursuits.

The American public, tired of World War I-era sentimentality, sobriety and morality, clamored to let loose, if only vicariously through their onscreen idols.
Drunken orgies aren’t all glamorous, however, and the Hollywood revelry soon revealed its dark side.

The 1920s were plagued with entertainment scandals, some of which derived from the permissive environment and others of which were perhaps disproportionately magnified by a press and public eager for tawdry gossip. First, popular comedian Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle was arrested in 1921 for rape and murder.

In one of his infamous days-long parties, teeming with chorus girls and bootleg whiskey, a minor actress named Virginia Rappe died in a hotel room of peritonitis. Her ripped clothing and other circumstantial evidence suggested rape and murder, and pointed to Arbuckle as a possible suspect.

Stories of Clara Bow were greatly inflated but the bottom line was that she did host parties for a football team, there were early morning swims, suggesting all nighters and she was recorded, personally, as having many lovers.  As an icon, this was a direct repudiation of the values of the society as a whole and showed how those who controlled Hollywood controlled the imaginations of the people watching.

“It” symbolized the tremendous progress women were making in society, and leading the way was Clara Bow, the girl of the year, who had “It” in abundance.

The daughter of a schizophrenic mother and a sexually abusive father, Clara broke away by winning the 1921 Fame and Fortune Contest, sponsored by Brewster Publications, publishers of Clara’s favorite magazine, Motion Picture.

There’s the lie again – “tremendous progress”.  In fact it sets women back.  It was tried again in the 60s, when key figures fuelled the “sexual revolution”, with musicians and film identities leading the way, assisted by narcotics.  Clara Bow was not some romantically exciting figure, when it comes down to it but a poor product of “a schizophrenic mother and a sexually abusive father” who simply couldn’t control her sexuality and there was no incentive for her to do so.

The machine is ready and waiting to exploit such vulnerable people.

Due to the onslaught of hardcore porn everywhere on the net in the 2000s, no one is left with any sense of feminine mystique any more and a more destructive breeding ground for disrespect for women is hard to imagine – they’re now just pieces of meat to a greater or lesser degree.

Last word on Pauline Robinson

It’s not the question of whether her child was Crowley’s.  It’s the question of the sort of thing she was doing, her values, how she was free to do it and the absence of any sort of “straightness”, which the Bush family have laid claim to. They’re certainly not “regular people”.

11 comments for “Pauline Pierce and Aleister Crowley

  1. April 3, 2011 at 23:42

    Surely it’s not so much a red herring as ultimately unprovable with the evidence available. That said it’s certainly highly plausible in that the resemblance between Crowley and his alleged offspring Barbara Bush is uncanny (imho) and the Bush’s appear to be generational occultists. The male membership of Skull and Bones is well proven and not even denied. For me, this is the crucial point about all this. Two former US presidents are members of occult secret societies and yet are paraded as ‘born again Christians’.

    • Marissa Campbell
      November 24, 2016 at 01:14


  2. Carolynne
    October 16, 2014 at 04:09

    Taking the oath of the Skull & Bones Society supposedly null & voids any future oath such as the sworn oath to be a responsible President to the American Citizens. These TREASONOUS LYING SECRET SOCIETY FAKE AMERICAN PRESIDENTS ARE MORE NUMEROUS THAN 2 PITIFULLY SATAN OWNED BUSHES. THEIR LAST NAME IS SCHERF (F) & Daddy Prescott was charged with aiding & abetting the Nazis by the US Government & found GUILTY. LOOK UP: Geeorge H W Scherf.

    • CincyGirl69
      January 5, 2019 at 17:31

      Yes, I have seen the photograph of the Scherff family reunion, and that is GHWB and Dorothy Walker Bush, with many others, including Martin Bormann, Dr Mengele, etc.

      My question is, had Pauline Robinson Pearce been a victim of familial sexual abuse. Like Clara Bow? Theda Barra was allegedly a sexual abuse victim, and she was smutty, too.

  3. ipaacy
    November 12, 2016 at 10:08

    DU what thou wilt

  4. Distant Relative
    November 24, 2016 at 13:43

    I read some of this a few years ago. No idea which parts are true if any. Are the photos convincing – no idea as I’m no expert.


  5. Lori
    April 18, 2018 at 02:56

    Look at the photo of Marvin holding a football in his college days. The resemblance to Barbara is right there.

    • Leslie Miller
      August 30, 2018 at 21:33

      I agree that Barbara looks like both men Marvin and “Aleister. The problem that won’t take Aleister off the table is THE EYES. The fact that the Bush men liked secret societies, George Herbert Walker Bush loved thoughts of a Global New World Order and had wandering hands while confined in his wheelchair later in life that got him dragged into the #MeToo movement tarnished their Christian persona.

  6. April 18, 2018 at 04:52

    Interesting piece of research. No idea if it’s true, but it would explain a lot.

  7. Ubermouth
    April 18, 2018 at 17:22

    Fascinating post and comments.I am sure that in certain fields,like politics,one can only attain the highest levels if they are prepared to sell their soul.
    I thought I read that Clara Bow and her housemate(whose name escapes me)were lesbian lovers with the latter being the bi-sexual party-thrower/team entertainer much to the chagrin of Clara.
    It was alleged that the studio preferred for her to be labelled the man-eater given her IT Girl status than it be exposed that she was actually a lesbian, so the rumours were given traction.

  8. CincyGirl69
    January 5, 2019 at 17:34

    Also, Crowley and his possible daughter both had the same thyroid syndrome. That is why their eyes bugged out.

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