Good Friday

1. Tim points out the delusion of the left:


I think the difference between these local elections and the Euros is that for the former, Conservative voters are simply going on strike. They will not turn out to vote, far less to campaign or donate. Even if the Labour or LibDem loonies win Councils from us, who cares? Council tax has a legal ceiling (which most English Councils have hit this year) and stuff that Tory voters don’t mind paying for – a decent school in their catchment area, pot-hole free roads and a local library – have either gone or can’t be made worse by a Marxist administration. For the Euros, they will vote TBP.

3. Here it is in one yet again:

4. Slight misunderstanding:

5. Were you to need any further example of the left, here’s one:

6. Rossa’s mother on the enemy:

7. Last but not least, JBT about a man who simply does not get it, JRM:

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

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