The last until evening …

… well, until 16:30 anyway, when I run the last for now on Das Boot. I thought about posting the boat one tomorrow but as it’s concerned with building, creating things anew, not wallowing in destruction, then maybe it fits in with the theme of this post now.

With all the insanity, the warring madness just now, this via Chuckles is a nice counterpoint [also, someone I know has an interesting dog, so she’ll like it]:

Just as we are at one with the world again, along comes this:

Ever get the impression that a certain group is being targetted across the world just now?

No? Never mind, let’s move on.

There are many marching these days, some like to disrupt Westminster Bridge, some like try to stop flights at Heathrow [whilst using mega amounts of carbon in the process], others like these below march … ah, now, these are to be heeded, methinks:

My last offering this Sunday is two blasts from the past.

You might be born to be wild but the counterpoint to that is not nice:

We have brilliant sunshine outside, time to get out into it.

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