1. Via Chuckles:

That’s only half a joke – I used to do some rallying in my 20s and I could never understand what they were jabbering about.

I always wanted a female navigator, just to make the journey more exciting.

2. This snippet:

9th Circuit gets another Trump-picked judge, after White House bypasses consultation with Dems

3. Central Park Five developments:

4. That’s all right then:

5. If the singularity is your thing, then this is for you:

6. More under the ‘they never learn’ heading:

Emma Thompson’s Woke Late Night Grabs Gold In Victimhood Olympics.

UPDATE: “Unexpectedly,” Late Night didn’t grab the gold at the box office this weekend, either — despite Amazon spending nearly $50 million promoting the film

7. Heaps of climate in this, worth a look:

Pope Francis Demands The World Implement Carbon Pricing


No laughing matter


Meet the drain sock — a simple pollution solution taking the world by storm

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

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