Unwanted churches, persecution of Christians

Plenty about today as the old die off. It was always so though:

In the towns of Jawor and Świdnica, in the Silesia neighborhood of Wroclaw, Poland, stand two magnificent timber-framed churches. The Holy Roman Emperor who ordered them built never expected to see them completed. In fact, he never wanted them built in the first place, for they were Protestant churches.

But against all odds and under tremendous political and physical constraints, the Protestants displayed extraordinary resourcefulness, managing to complete three churches of such scale and complexity that was unknown in European wooden architecture. To date they are the largest wooden churches in the world.


Meanwhile, the murder and displacement of Christians, along with dismissal from their jobs and being charged under law continues apace with virtually no outcry from the atheist right. Niemoeller, my friends, Niemoeller.


  • “In some regions, the level and nature of persecution is arguably coming close to meeting the international definition of genocide, according to that adopted by the UN.” — The Independent Review of FCO support for Persecuted Christians.
  • “The assailants asked the Christians to convert to Islam, but the pastor and the others refused. They ordered them to gather under a tree and took their Bibles and mobile phones. Then they called them, one after the other, behind the church building where they shot them dead.” — World Watch Monitor, May 2, 2019.
  • As the British report demonstrates, persecution against Christians and other non-Muslims is not about the ethnicity, race or skin color of either the perpetrators or the victims; it is about their religion.
  • If these crimes are not stopped, it is highly likely that the fate of the African Continent will be like that of the Middle East: Once it was a majority-Christian region; now, Christians are a tiny, dying, defenseless minority.

And is the anti-Pope doing anything about it?  Not a bit of it – it’s fairly clear who his god is:

Pope Francis: Muslims Are Our “Partners For Co-Existence”…