Defenceless, part two

Yesterday, I posted this and today, Peter Hitchens writes:

We’re destroying the Armed Forces – the last great institution that Britain has left

Having wrecked the schools, the police, the courts and the Civil Service, destroyed the married family and debauched the economy, the slow-motion British Revolution now plans to ruin the Armed Forces, the last truly conservative institutions left standing after 60 years of upheaval.

The themes over the past decade have been more increasing underfunding [equipment, clothing], incompetence and this post-60s bringing into high positions those who are out-and-out traitors to Britain, steeped in UN Narrative.

Just why can the people of all lands in the west not see what is going on, this nobbling of our defences?  Answer is it’s part of their own nobbling over the years.

Not to be concerned about this today, with Germany always a threat and yet itself destroyed by the forces behind Merkel, der Bruderheist – this flies in the face of European history.

Yes, there’s an argument that with all western nations weakened, it prevents, say, Germany once again attacking European countries but if you think that leads to peace, wrong – a different enemy just sweeps in, as with the decline and fall of Rome.

Hitchens again:

The appointment of officers will be made on the grounds of subservience to dogma rather than on the grounds of known bravery or competence, and also of course on the basis of sex, with women preferred over men.

If ever such disembowelled, politically corrected forces come up against the fighters of any country which still puts national defence before political fashion, then I do not think there is much doubt of the outcome.

Leaving aside the nationhood of Iran for now, the real enemy for our time is the RofP, invited in by the treacherous above – day by day they pour in, fighting age forces, hardened insane fanatics, with the Tlaibs and Omars right behind them.

If you go out for a Sunday drive today, have a look at the frenetic high-density housing going up – for whom? Does the average person ever wonder about it?

Even give it a moment’s thought?

Or does the Narrative of a continent of peace and love actually rule in their minds, not that they think about it much?

Looking back, it’s been happening a long time now:


No planes for Paras – it seems that the iraq war has led to a shortage of Hercules transport planes for paras to jump out of.

When the Iraq war began in 2003 the Armed Forces had 51 Hercules available, but four have been shot down or destroyed in Iraq and Afghanistan and at least nine have had to be retired due to the intense workload. The remaining fleet is working flat out to support operations abroad.

In some units barely half the Paras are certified to jump – with hundreds unable to earn their wings or maintain their skills once qualified.

Recruits must complete a course of at least six jumps – culminating in a massed low-level jump from a Hercules at night, wearing full kit – plus two more with their unit to gain their coveted ‘wings’ badge and become fully-fledged Paras.

After that they cease to be operationally deployable unless they can jump twice a year.

Many have already lost their entitlement to specialist pay of £5 pay per day because they have failed to jump at all for two years.

Recent figures have shown just 55 per cent of soldiers in the 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment are certified to jump.

With senior officers in uproar, the MoD has finally admitted the scale of the problem and agreed to hire a fleet of much smaller civilian Skyvan aircraft – normally used for amateur skydiving flights.

The selling off of the Harriers?

Question – have you ever known the quislings who run the show ever brought to justice in a massive execution? Why not? Can the universality of the net and social media change that this time round?

Have you seen any move to rid ourselves of the enemy while there’s still time, in the way the US, eastern Europe and Italy are doing?

Why not?

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8 comments for “Defenceless, part two

  1. Edward Spalton
    July 21, 2019 at 07:45

    I think it was two years ago when I was in Whitehall that I noticed an unusual flag flying over the Ministry of Defence. Thinking it might mark some regimental anniversary, I looked more closely and saw that it was the “ rainbow” flag of the LGBTQ movement.
    It had been commanded to be flown over all service establishments. I wonder what the effect on morale was generally. I have also seen photographs of it flying over police stations. Now the police are sworn to treat people equally without “ fear favour, affection or ill will” so the favouring of one “ community” over others is contrary to the principle of equality before the law. The surrender to Political Correctness has gone very deep.

    Only a few days ago I heard MPs enthusiastically supporting the government’s programme for the compulsory indoctrination of infants with the “ British values” of homosexuality and transgenderism. I also note in passing that educational experts are warning about the rise of mental health problems amongst schoolchildren.

  2. woodsy42
    July 21, 2019 at 10:01

    But people in the west can clearly see exactly what is going on – the problem is that those in charge and the ‘woke’ generation consider it an an improvement and demand even more of the same.

    • Mark Matis
      July 21, 2019 at 12:50

      At least they do so in the hives!

  3. Lord Clifford
    July 21, 2019 at 11:00

    You know full well my feelings about the matters you have raised Edward and unless the next Prime Minister, at whatever financial expense, “Pulls the finger out” the over 75s will lose not just their Free TV License but their ‘Overall Freedom’
    There are a few Politicians left who have the Guts to stand-up for the Welfare of our Country but I fear that we are heading for a situation ‘ a state of Affairs ‘ in which we found ourselves in 1914 and 1939.
    God Bless —TOM

  4. microdave
    July 21, 2019 at 20:38

    “The appointment of officers will be made on the grounds of subservience to dogma”

    Just like the recent report of a police force requiring all applicants to have a degree…

  5. July 22, 2019 at 02:07

    I can remember the time when I ceased to be a Gentlemen. Previously the War Act defined me as ‘an Officer and a Gentleman’ (whence came the phrase), but when the WRAF was ‘amalgamated’ with the RAF, the Act was changed to speak of ‘Officers’. Gentlemen had been eradicated, excised, dismissed, removed, ejected. For shame.

  6. July 22, 2019 at 03:20


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