17:07: Good thing I put money on an England win, then remembered I forgot to.

13:07: I have to go, think it’s quite doable. Wish I could do this:

“Willing Stokes on from the Greek island of Kefalonia, ditched the family turtle spotting tour to listen to the cricket!”

Yes, I’m afraid family is second today. See you this evening, hopefully.

12:29: Five wides, who’s feeling the pressure now? I’ve felt since yesterday that this was doable, with or without Root 66.

12:08: Don’t dwell, England, work out permutations to win and grind it out. No one’s going to hand it to you. Bairstow stay calm, nothing rash, take ones and twos, plenty of time.


Alistair Cook:

England have to believe they are going to win. Joe Root will have another message in his mind tomorrow morning for the players to follow.

Those first two hours are vital for England to have a chance. If they add 70-80 more runs for the loss of maybe two wickets to the new ball, that leaves you 120 to get with five wickets in hand. You can win from there.

But Root and Stokes will have to produce two great performances.

Methinks they’re well in with a chance and then the final two tests?????

Australia batsman Marnus Labuschagne:

“The wicket has flattened out a bit, we have the new ball due in eight overs which is good for us. We have got to stick to our process, shut that scoreboard down and challenge both edges of the bat ball in, ball out.

“If we do that I’ve no doubt we will win the match. It’s been good for me, I have been batting well. You get opportunities in different ways.

“I had a few chances out there, luck can change very quickly and it was disappointing to be run out at the end.”

3 comments for “Ashes

  1. James Strong
    August 25, 2019 at 07:30

    It depends on the mental strength of the batsmen.
    There is plenty of tme to get the runs.

    In a full day of Test cricket there might be only one truly unplayable ball, a ball that would have got Bradman at his peak. If a batsman receives one of those nothing can be done about it, he’s on the way back to the pavilion. Otherwise it’s a matter of the batsman building an innings: start slowly, get a sense of the pitch and the conditions, wear down the bowlers and wait for the loose ball. The scoring opportunities WILL come.

    Avoid any spectacular one-day shots, the sort that are crowd-pleasers in a Twenty20.

    The preponderance of one-day cricket has impeded the batsmen in learning how to build an innings, and that is what is needed now.
    And a lot of that is in the head – the right attitude.

    Highlights packages on TV, where a huge proportion of stuff shown is either boundaries or wickets, have also meant that many modern spectators have no understanding of the demands of Test cricket.

    It’d be perfectly OK if England score at 60 runs a session and win at about lunchtime tomorrow.

    • August 25, 2019 at 07:37

      Also, what’s with these numbers on their backs? It’s a Test.

  2. James Strong
    August 25, 2019 at 17:41

    Get down the betting shop next week and bet on Ben Stokes to be BBC Sports Personality of the year.

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