1. Laze and Gem, this Sunday is hellish busy, this might be the only post, I’ll try for some music in the evening.

2. This is something you’d expect at Daily Mash or The Onion or similar, a spoof of how things are today:

A few years ago, Ellen Pao’s discrimination lawsuit against a Silicon Valley venture capital fund was heavily promoted in the national press as proving that the only reason most tech founders are male is because of bias. But then she lost bigly.

Now Pao is divorcing her gay black disgraced financier husband Alphonse “Buddy” Fletcher. After all these years, I still can’t find a photo online of these two in the same picture where they weren’t photoshopped together.

3. Pssst, want some blood diamonds? See Naomi. Want some clean ones? If you have the equipment:

4. The very wrongness of encore fuel dispensers:

5. This is costing the taxpayer, right?

The Home Office is running a tailor-made social news network to help combat online radicalisation.

Called This is Woke, the network has pages on Facebook and Instagram and features discussions about news as well as many aspects of the Muslim faith.

The Woke network has about 75,000 followers but some of its content has been shared widely on Facebook.

The network’s activity is curated by a UK media firm for the Home Office as part of its anti-terror strategy.

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