The core issue across the west

Let’s not beat around the bush – this is the central issue facing us in the west:

You can call us all sorts of names, even try to incarcerate and silence us, sack us from careers, turn us into pariahs but if you cannot see this, then you have your head firmly in the sand – deliberately so. Everyone knows the issue and all sorts of strategies have been employed – the global left legions have the whole panoply of ‘accuse and vilify’ being trotted out to remove all criticism.

Nigel Farage is too frightened to say it, Johnson would never say it* and anyone dealing with the MCB and the equivalent in other nations is up against it.  Only those in social media are saying it and what percentage are we?

Saturday, 09:03: *I need to qualify the remarks on Johnson. He most certainly told Macron there would be no restrictions across the channel but then he came back here and is saying the diametric opposite – what does he think he’s playing at? Says he’ll send them back across the channel. Or did he mean, to Macron, that there was no restriction on true Europeans, e.g. those of French stock?

If so, good, we’re on the same page but I suspect he’s playing whoever his audience is at the time. Seems to me he’s obfuscating in order that, come October 31st when he announces we’ve left, no one is any the wiser as to what he means by that.

As Newfoundland Robyn in one of those Millennial videos two days ago asked – why must it be a violent solution? I see Laura Towler as being too open to such a violent solution, but as a working class gal from an overrun town in a war zone here, it’s understandable – yes, there’ll be violence, but not from us – all violence comes from the Muslims and far left sides, or in other words, the State, through its agencies and brainwashed legions constituting 48% in the UK.

It requires political will to get this process started but which leader will that be?  They’re doing it in Hungary and Italy, who will be the leader here who kicks off what is suggested below, thus avoiding State violence or people’s violence?

This video is about the Hungarian solution, peculiar to it and to the USA for example:

Hungary has a land border to protect, we have a sea, therefore our solution must take into account air and sea.  Therefore, Johnson must protect our seaway.  What did he promise Macron?  That there’d be no restriction on the border.

Let that sink in – Johnson is about to betray this nation, quite openly.  In the short term, either he and Corbyn must go and Farage’s party must gain seats or we are lost.

The longterm

Our overall aim is to reduce any minority in any town to under 5%.  Steps seem to be in this order:

1. Already convicted crims from certain demographics – states, ethnicities, religions with a history of criminality against the population – are not to be incarcerated in ordinary jails but either deported if not born here or placed on an Elba of some kind if born here.

2. The Imams, a known known urging replacement and violence are next – the govt must go straight for known hate-preachers first according to N1 above, then go down the list and ‘interview’ the others.

3. All demographic groups are reviewed according to the criteria of violence against and economic burden upon our people, in all cases honouring habeas corpus.

Long before the last ones depart, in fact the moment the MCB realises the tide has turned, they will have gone back on the defensive and this is the critical phase.

There was a curious balance in Russia where I was – though a Muslim republic, it was still well within Russian borders and so, while the Muslims  officially ruled, there was also Moscow – it was Moscow who got rid of the British, not the republic. Tit for tat for the British Council whom I’m sure had been naughty boys and girls in Vladivostok.

In Britain, there can be no Muslim enclaves nor mini-republics because their history and intent is explicit, it’s not even taqiyya.

4. The biggest job is reducing the percentages in cities like Leicester, Bradford and so on but that would require the cooperation of the working class, bypassing the PCists.

How though to reduce the percentage in those cities without violence, without civil war? With the English breeding virtually not at all and the Muslims breeding like rabbits, is there a humane way forward?

I believe it would have to be economic carrot and stick – much as it sticks in our craw, incentives need to be provided to those families in high percentage areas (over 20%), then any conviction for crime in that demographic results in immediate deportation or exile to an Elba.

Russia tried this with incentives to go to Siberia but here, conditions are only harsh in Scotland.  South Africa was a different situation.  Here we’re dealing with newcomers from overseas – that’s the whole issue.

It might be necessary to concede a good town or two but not centrally located – for example, Bradford can’t be Muslim, it’s a historical working town, the engine room of the English (and Tyke).

Throughout this process, there is always the chance for such people to apply and go through a further process where individuals can rejoin society as long as they can demonstrate that they can assimilate and embrace.

Protect the innocent

Proceedings never start against the innocent who have never demonstrated against the country.  The assimilated are fine.  Those who went through the correct channels are fine.

We need to be firm about all this but not inhumane.  However, no one should be in doubt about who owns this land … and it’s not Lammy and his rubbish trotted out by the PTB:

As was always going to be the way with Brexit, as has been said over and over, political will is everything. May and the Tories [and I include Johnson here] simply must be legally removed, voted out in favour of loyalists to the nation – hence the Brexit Party in the short term.

The major opposition

Aside from the brainwashed left, the central enemy of the nation is Them and Them infest the country, especially within the M25.  If they’re not stymied, then there’s no chance.


Where would the Elbas be? Preferably on islands but now NIMBYism comes into it – no one said this would be easy.

London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leicester and Bradford – that’s quite a few of them – where can reservations be built?  Branson’s island is not large enough, they can’t be put on isles where nothing grows.

Whatever the list of islands ends up as, there must always be the option of repatriation as the alternative – it will cost the taxpayer but it’s an extraordinary one-off, this.

Why persist with this solution?

Because the  alternative – slaughter, bloodshed, is too terrible to contemplate.  That is not stated lightly.

What chance of Muslims assimilating into society?  They simply don’t, they have zero intention of, it’s not their avowed purpose.  Get real – the openly stated plan is to replace and murder, they’ve done it in every single land they’ve got into.

Look at feminist Sweden and the plight of girls, look at Rotherham – if you don’t care about our girls, I do.

I contend that the solution above is the only humane one in these extraordinary times.  I find it just as distasteful as you, with overtones I don’t care for.

But what else can the country do?

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