We’re no longer the centre of operations

Coming back to these gals in the youtubes, as I ask all the time – cut them some slack as you’d do with your daughter – it’s more black and white for them but late 20s ain’t that young, y’know.

The vital thing is the future. The divide, ideologically, is so irreversible now and the sleazy lefty professors hold all the cards in university, we hold the cards on the net.

Therefore, the net is vital, otherwise our messages counter to the globalist orthodoxy don’t get out. We’ll never change an Alinskyite Corbyn or Antifa thug in his 20s, nor feminazis who scan sites and youtubes in order to doxx and issue death threats.

The war for civilisation is being fought by Millennials now, early and late – meanwhile, look what the evil muvvers have done to this Greta, also that Harry Potter girl, Emma someone, plus this Omar and Cortez – total brainwashing. As Yuri said, they’re gone, they’re contaminated – the battle is now elsewhere and we, the retired, are not, sorry to say, chaps and chapesses, the vanguard. At best we can be solicited mentors.

That is, we can’t approach them but if they approach you, then keep the anger out of the voice if poss. I can’t remain civil now, maybe two decades ago I could.

To make a real difference now, what it needs is young people not obviously skinhead, bovver booted, it needs people not unlike these gals here, hopefully some young men too and this is the crux, the centre of the battlefield. Laura Towler’s maybe too like me, like many of you now – sick to bloody death of the global left.

Methinks it’s those of moderate language among the Millennials who can put things more diplomatically, more persuasively these days, win the day with their fellow young. Maybe. Those more centre right.

Quite certain it will soon be out of the hands of Boomers and Gen X. 🙂

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