911 – where were you?

The question was asked on Twitter and you know, I couldn’t exactly remember.

The first attack was at 08:46, NY time, 13:46 GMT, Tuesday, September 11th, which might be 16:46 where I was in Russia. However, it might not have been GMT in Britain, more likely summertime. What it was in Russia I can’t recall – 17:46?

I was at the university by then, probably doing a late pair [lesson], which often ended around 19:00. Yet I really can’t remember the story breaking. By that stage, my television had been stolen and I never bought another one.

This was about a visitor to New York the day before:


Any memories of that day?

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  1. September 12, 2019 at 06:44

    Working at the cubicle farm.
    News of the first strike immediately reminded me of the B-25 bomber crash into the Empire State Building during WWII.
    News of the second strike made the pit in my stomach drop.
    Women in the office were getting upset but I just went into ‘Silently Get Sh** Done’ mode.
    Then I went to lunch…


    Not a cloud nor a plane in the sky — eerily silent.
    Back at work a newsroom employee dragged a TV into the lounge/commons area since everyone’s internet was understandably clogged to a halt.
    The rest of the afternoon was just a blur of trying to get work done with people upset in the background.

    Most my friends in NYC lived in Brooklyn so had quite the view but were OK.
    The creepiest thing was them describing the smell of it all.
    I was worried about a friend who worked at the FT, but later found out their offices aren’t even in the financial district, but further uptown.

    Classic City at the time was celebrating its bicentennial, for which I’d designed a logo, so it was an odd feeling walking home alone past patriotic banners I had a hand in.

  2. Distant Relative
    September 12, 2019 at 08:45

    We were staying at a Rectory, just had lunch and turned on the TV when the first tower was hit. Shortly after that we we shouting at the TV to move the damned ticker at the bottom of the screen because it was obscuring what we wanted to see. Was appalled at that women announcing that building 7 had gone down when it quite clearly hadn’t. Did a bit of head-scratching then dismissed its significance at the time because of the confusion which surrounds such tragic events. Later on it was that and the fire-resistant passports that started the questions. Too shocked at the time and anxious. One of our party had recently arranged a secondment for one of his staff to a company housed in one of the towers. Found out later in the day that the chap was in the US but wasn’t due to start until the following week so was safe. Spent the rest of the day mostly in silence in the garden.

  3. Lord T
    September 12, 2019 at 12:39

    I was out walking in town when the news came up. First thought was it was an advert for a film and I remember thinking I’ll watch that. Then it was repeated and I thought WTF, This is the news.

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