1. There are two kinds of women – the sane and the insane:

2.  One has come up concerning Spiked:

This is the second of two I looked at and at the bottom is this:

To enquire about republishing spiked’s content, a right to reply or to request a correction, please contact the managing editor, Viv Regan.

That is pratty, to put it charitably. I’m quite sure this Viv, whoever she is, is a nice lass but with my reader’s hat on, she’s not the blogger in question and he is the blogger in question – if he states something, he’s the one I address, not some sidekick.

Now, with my blogger’s hat on, yes – there are certain people who need to be filtered and some blocked.  Not many but some. By and large though, we address our own readers, otherwise we’re bigheaded and that is pratty.  Guido let’s you write to him, Vox Day let’s you write to him and again, yes – there are some on their moderation lists but initially, you can write.  Iain Dale lets me write to him.

Just think it’s a very sticky wicket once you start this intermediary stuff.

3.  Goodness, this is idiocy plus:

The University of Cambridge has said removing beef and lamb from its menus has cut food-related carbon emissions by a third.

The university’s catering service replaced the meat with plant-based products for its 14 outlets and 1,500 annual events from October 2016.

Prof Andrew Balmford, from the university, said it had “dramatically reduced their environmental footprint”.

What on earth has got into their brains?

4.  Haiku’s getting excited:

Gotta get me one of these: “smartphone-electric shaver hybrids”

Clean energy: a dream too far ?

5.  iPhone 11 if you’re interested:

6.  Empire starts again?

UK Agrees Post-Brexit Trade Deals With Six More Countries

[H/T the team]

4 comments for “Thursday

  1. Penseivat
    September 12, 2019 at 10:24

    1. Isn’t she one of the “I have no talent, so I’ll show ’em my tits” group of actresses. Apart from that, does anyone care? I have been told, by the way, that her tits are not that memorable.

  2. Doonhamer
    September 12, 2019 at 19:53

    #2. Viv might be a “he”. But all your other comments apply.

    #4. And for the ladies? Batteries included.

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