We have this issue again

Whilst we agree the bulk of Twitter is trash and Dorsey is beyond the pale, it’s still a platform which allows things like video footage to go up and thus it is still a most immediate conveyor of material in the world.

We fully understand at N.O. those who would not go near it, just as we wouldn’t touch Walker’s Crisps because of Lineker, but we do equally submit that it plays a useful role and it would be a shame if you could not see these two as footage below:

[Both are via Steve Sailer at Unz, via Chuckles]

1 comment for “We have this issue again

  1. Andy5759
    September 17, 2019 at 00:51

    Phages. Sh*t. Good old fashioned immunities. Can’t beat ’em. Send your children out to play with afflicted neighbors. Starve the ChemComglomerates. Let the Bayer beware. Cut out the muddle man, when you self diagnose go to the pharmacist. They know medicines, GPs know only who invites them to nice places for conferences.

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