Acting in bad faith

The first one to spring to mind is Bercow, openly talking to a govt on the continent about stopping Brexit. That is way, way beyond anything decent. The man has never been decent, nor his wife, so how on earth foes he retain that position? Who is the regulatory body or person who controls such things?

Across the pond – this whole impeachment thing would never have stood the light of day even a decade ago. To conduct a highly politicised enquiry behind closed doors with anonymous ‘whistleblowers’ no one can know about, that GOP are prevented from asking any questions – this stinks to high heaven.

Those anarchists and children allowed to block roads in central London and the police just stand there. I understand some arrests were made later. The whole basis of Notting Hill carnival. The type of thing on television that never would have made it on two decades ago because the watchdog would have stopped it.

That ordinary people lap it up, thinking it’s somehow daring – I just shake my head sadly.

This Heidi Allen – so low in ethics and integrity that she is on her fifth party with no by-election. We were down on Carswell but at least he went to the people.

And one acting in good faith, vilified and the party dead:

We’ve not seen times like these post war, not on this rampant scale.  Sure we’ve seen graft and sleaze – Profumo, Keeler, but it was in circles where we expected it – the Krays.  This though is at every level of society.

I’m trying to make a distinction here between private immorality where none of us come up looking squeaky clean … and how people are dealing with others publicly, for example:

I suppose I’m speaking of agreements being made but then not honoured. In the case of that cruise, yes, the weather was appalling.

And that company offers 25% on a new cruise? I’d like to see the fine print of that agreement.

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  1. October 10, 2019 at 08:37

    A Spokesperson for the Cruise Line EU said, “” We are very sorry for any inconvenience and disappointment our guests experienced while members of the EU, espcially our good friends the British. As such, we made the decision to offer a 25% future cruise credit as the Brexit failed to dock on time. Instead of 39 Billion squids per annum, we shall let them have a Special Price of just 29 Billion. *Conditions apply. There will be a small upward adjustment in the various bars.

  2. Distant Relative
    October 10, 2019 at 09:07

    Re cruise – I don’t know why they don’t just remove Amsterdam from their itineraries as more often than not the weather conditions are iffy. Has happened to us a couple of times – no great loss as it’s a “been there, done that” location, imo. Bruges can be tricky too. Flåm is beautiful when it is open – great views from the railway and interesting history. 🙂

    Personally speaking, I would not be best pleased with 25% off the next cruise as compensation, whatever was in the small print.

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