Chick-fil-A – one day later

Much to get through this morning. First, the social media:

# We were poor growing up but the charity my mom always gave to was the Salvation Army. She grew up during the depression and said they were the only ones who were there. I will continue to support them.

# I was born in Booth Memorial Salvation Army Hospital to a homeless woman in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She didn’t have to pass a religious test to get help, they help everyone!

# SA literally saved my grandmother’s life in the early 1930s when she was a lone, sick teenager stranded on the side of the road in the desert of New Mexico. They took her in, got her well and paid for a bus ticket to get her to family. The LBGT group would as soon see her dead.

# Salvation Army supports Planned Parenthood Abortion I won’t support them.

# It seems the #LGBTQ community is focused less on treating everyone fairly and more on hatefully attacking Christians.

# Why not give to the Knights of Malta instead?

Ah yes, I’d forgotten all about Roman Catholics and how they wouldn’t like a Christian charity such as the SA.  Plus, DR’s point is made in there about who they support and Amfortas makes a good point about abortion.

Then there’s the straight fake charities scandal with the bigwigs skimming off. However, one can’t go past what the Salvos used to do.


Now let’s get onto the point about angels fearing to tread.  Actually, angels don’t fear in the least according to scripture – they’re sent to do a job, they’re decisive, bold and swift, as we should be.

You see, the time for caution was in the formulation of the business model and in the round table meetings at Chick-fil-A in the years leading up to their stance, NOT in reaction to leftwing pressure now.  For sure fail to support the Salvos if it’s for fake charity or Rothschild reasons – fine, state that.

He didn’t, he caved in, unlike Chick-fil-A’s founder.

Once it’s clear what you’re meant to be doing, then the time for dithering and umming and ahhing is over.  The statement by this character was straight left-sophistry, the man is a fork-tongue, the course is clear and people in the US are now calling for it.