Dazed and confused

Over the period of a decade and a half or so, one builds up quite a knowledge base and like Newton, slowly discovers how little we knew, particularly after cross-referencing.

We also see truisms constantly underscored, for example about the crushing banality of evil, which then crosses a line and now we’re openly seeing mindless acts the whole time, on a whim, for kicks – on the streets, in the petty offices of govt and in some new insane, pointless regulation, backed by politicised Plod and cheered on by the MSM.

This is the great Weimar lawlessness and to come back to Douglas Adams’s Dirk Gently and his ‘fundamental interconnectedness of all things’, the same perps keep cropping up the whole time.

But there are still good, if sometimes harsh things going on for now in life, and this sailing series is like that for me:

Such a nice respite from the sordid and the grubby, it’s two young people making their way according to a plan, meeting obstacles, pressing on. Last couple of minutes are poignant.

For me, wading around in the mire of that expose sent yesterday by DR [see his partial disclaimer in comments], a necessary if unpalatable job to wade through, I also clicked on this:


… and oh how the names recur, oh how the interconnections build up, no wonder the cancer of dysfunctional people abounds, sucking in the Allison Macks, turning them into monsters.

And the families – Solvay in Europe, Bronfman as well – sometimes you have to just go and clean yourself down, wash the grime away. But someone has to at least put the information out there for those still not neck high in that river in Egypt.

Cropping up in the 911 story are references to the X dossiers:


… named after the Roman numeral designations given to the [mainly] girl victims – see this post for further details:



Let’s pause for a moment and consider the blood diamond business with Naomi Campbell. She was photographed at her own party with Virginia Roberts and Ghislaine Maxwell. The question is not why those two were at the party but rather – why them in particular?

That’s a current issue – VR, with Airmiles – and so is this a current issue:

We saw some days back one of the voting machines redirect a GOP button pressed to a DemRat name – in the light of the connections, no surprise to me at all.

Coming back to 911, Silverstein made his ‘pull it’ comment about WTC7 and has connections himself:

It just becomes all too overwhelming after awhile:

No point copying and pasting great swathes of text to this post, it loses context and is best read at the site.  Thing is – the infrastructure is as rotten now, at all levels, as the WTC buildings pre-hit or Norway pre-WW2.  The termiting of a society and its culture is near complete.

The daze most of us go into now when confronted with all this, coupled with the ready retorts such a ‘OK Boomer’, along with a whole weasel lexicon and the altering of the meanings of terms – you can’t say they haven’t been busy.

And us?  Like babes in the wood, still arguing over whether any of it is so or not.

Something to be going on with:

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  1. Distant Relative
    November 20, 2019 at 14:42

    Just pondering this and setting the old tinfoil hat at a jaunty angle again. Looks like Airmiles is getting thrown under the bus deliberately by the Windsor mafia because I find it difficult to believe the palace didn’t know what the outcome of the Beeb interview would be. The Beeb is the mouthpiece of the establishment and they spin its narrative do they not? The snippets I have seen of said interview reveal A to be a gormless entitled, exploitative, empathy-deficient twit, imho. All the hallmarks of a narcissist, demonic or otherwise. His story is being debunked by the day.

    Here comes the tinfoil hat territory. I’ve read from a couple of sources over the past few months that HM’s second son isn’t the only one with connections to the billionaire paedo – didn’t take note of the links at the time because I wasn’t sure how reliable they were and as is usual I was looking into something else and these were just peripheral. However, given A’s PR disaster I’m at the ‘hmmm’ stage. This >

    As I have told you in the past, the billionaire pedophile spent some time with the second in line too. One of the pedophiles best friends was the maid of honor at the the first wedding and another was in the second wedding. The pedophile and the second in line spent time together, but it was much more discreet. Now, if the second in line, when they become the person in charge tries to cut off the sibling/essentially exile him and cut off the salaries of the nieces, you will see a flood of leaks designed to get them to step down from being the person in charge. After all those years of waiting, my guess is they will let things stand and just ignore the situation.


    If what is being alleged there is true it might explain the Haz/Meg debacle and why they are allowed to act the way they have, imho.

    Possible outcomes are A will be put out to grass by the Firm and have to live on his alleged £57million and Haz/Meg will divorce after Meg names her price and signs a Non Disclosure Agreement. Or none of the above.

  2. November 21, 2019 at 03:19

    Christ had an overnight stay with a dwarfish tax collector.

  3. November 21, 2019 at 16:12

    Naturally, Chrysalis misses all the main crimes of Obama and they’re still going on.

    Plus, I’m no fan of RINO Bush, Snr or Jnr – globalists both, so no argument over what he did:

    “Just a reminder, the stock market crashed in 2008 – 1 month before Obama was even elected and 3 months before he took office.

    And as predicted by economists in October at that time, whomever took office, Republican OR Democrat, would be left holding the bag, because we wouldn’t begin to feel it until 2009, and people won’t remember (or intentionally forget for political reasons).

    Several reasons went into the recession – among them was outsourcing labor to India and China, which is what sank me personally -my job was outsourced to India 4 times from 2005 to 2010.

    It began with the “Bush Push” for outsourcing – Bush’s 2004 annual economic report – which successfully encouraged Congress to give tax breaks to companies that outsourced their labor.

    At the time, only Democrats continually voted against giving corporate tax breaks for outsourcing – including Hillary Clinton, Tom Daschle, and Nancy Pelosi.

    Since you are fan of Fox News, here is an article from that time (back when Fox News was a more objective news source):


    In 2006, Bush admitted outsourcing was hurting our economy, but he, and Congress, continued the tax shelters as is and did nothing to stop the bleeding citing “trade protectionism won’t help.”


    In 2006, when Obama took senate office, he also voted against tax breaks for outsourcing along with Clinton, and made it a presidential campaign promise and initially DID inspire congressional action on outsourcing, as well as inspired the congressional bipartisan Dodd-Frank consumer protection acts,

    However, in his second term as president, Obama changed his tune on outsourcing with the TPP agreement in SE Asia – which I strongly disagreed with – because we CAN disagree with some actions by presidents, even if we like them overall – and we should be able to without being called disloyal, unAmerican or unChristian, when we do.

    As for Trump, labor for his clothing line, and his daughter’s were still in China up until he took office:


    … and Chinese steel built Trump Hotel International in Las Vegas in 2008.


    And as an interesting aside, to this day, undocumented immigrant workers were still on his golf courses and in other positions, Trump playing dumb about it …


    … despite being sued over it previously regarding undocumented immigrant workers on Trump Tower (records sealed as of 2016):


    He has also issued an EO rolling back Dodd-Frank consumer protection laws:


    And given greater tax breaks to corporations than ever before (but not for outsourcing) – it’s wiki, which is not always a great source, but it does dumb down the basics of Trump’s tax reform act accurately:


    “It never ceases to amaze me how so many were sold that a billionaire CEO, tax evader, and outsourcer managed to convince half of America he was for the middle class and poor – and why anyone bought it.

    And if his Bush-on-steroids economic plan continues as is, expect another meltdown – again with the next president left holding the bag, Republican or Democrat.”

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