Unwarranted belief, unwarranted scepticism [1]

One of the major hurdles for western humanity is having belief systems askew – you need only look at the SJWs with values and beliefs fed down from a global organisation through schools, from the MSM, from social media, from gaming, and this new, ready-made ‘OK Boomer’ retort which saves having to face cognitive dissonance, saves having to face unpalatable issues such as that currently at OoL from Laura, provides safe spaces for snowflakes to run to.

Not just Millennials either – it’s anyone blindly accepting assurances, for example assurances from PM Johnson when in fact, as shown in posts passim, he is pushing a variation on the theme of continuing to be shackled to and funding the EU, with this country’s accompanying loss of defensive capability and fisheries.

Yet that’s the choice on December 12th – open Remain versus sly Remain, which will you choose? Not voting at all?

People’s knowledge level, sources and thinking ability are severely impaired, as Yuri Bezmenov pointed out in the 80s.



I took one look at the authoress, then waded through as much of the bollox as could be stomached and then came her conclusion:

“I was surprised to see how much the principles of Agile and Scrum were present in an environment without any training in, or knowledge of, these methods. “

A certain unnamed friend who is in the game commented on the author: ‘That is because you’re stupid. It is precisely the other way around …’

Meaning that only a dim bulb with extremely limited worldview and experience can fail to see that the Agile methodology which he worships is simply a poor implementation of the way everybody in the real world routinely conducts themselves and their businesses.

It is a sad comment on the state of affairs that it is necessary to explicitly state such things and formalise the processes. I don’t know what I can add – she would undoubtedly snap back: ‘Yes Boomer,’ and we’ll get onto that phrase shortly.

Still on this Agile and Scrum bollox:


… I thought it was time to check it out and so contacted someone within the workplace familiar with such schemes:

You would be both amazed and sickened if you knew how much money that ‘Agile and Scrum’ bullshit has made myriads of consultants all over the world – as always the trite and repeated stating of the obvious is a lucrative business.

I’ve been hearing tales from others in ‘business’ as well and comments have been pretty much along those lines. Yes Boomer?  Yes, because many of the Boomers and late Gen X have had an ejukashun and come from a time when there was little of this BS going on, when things were done manually for example, using nouse [and I don’t mean the computer device].

Aaaggghhh … OK, let’s move on. Wonder if you’ll come to a similar conclusion here:


I’ve little reason to doubt that the voyager probes 1 and 2 went out and no doubt they sent back much valuable data. But as you read on about the models of space … well, let me not try to lead you.

Now we come to one of the more egregious … well again, I’m jumping the gun … let’s just call this ‘those damned unintended consequences’:


AI in self-drive cars not yet mainstream?  No matter, put in a whole lot of chauffeur driven cars and that’s as near as dammit to AI, no?

I can’t take the name of the Lord in vain, otherwise I’d mention something about Him weeping at this point. Incidentally, author Mustapha Harb, as in Dar el?

Harb readily admits the study is not perfect, nor is it likely to prove the most accurate predictor of what our autonomous vehicle future looks like. But it is, by many estimates, the best first approximation we have.

First approximation?  So on the strength of that, they start removing the hard shoulders?

And that approximation is, in key ways, a vision of things to come.

Frightening – they’ll take a utopian approximation and roll out a monster, complete with Agile and Scrum type roadmaps and standing orders?

These things could go on half the night but let’s finish up for now with this, think you can gather what’s coming:


To the point:

They can’t, or won’t, discuss any of this. They may not know how. Too many decades of “Stop arguing, there’s cheesecake” or “No politics allowed in this bar” have created generations of people who can’t present a coherent assertion, rebuttal or defense, so they lunge for these “ironic” brush-offs like “okay, boomer”.

I wonder what it’s like to go through life this way, with this Last Jedi no-criticism mentality.

My observation has to do with how, and why, so many things that shouldn’t suck, do, and lately are doing it more often and harder. We are reaping the harvest of this steady procession of “participation trophy” people. It’s a bumper crop.

It’s hard to notice, in politics, because we all know this is what politicians do. On both sides. They sit like vultures, and when something good happens they hog all the credit, if anything bad happens they blame their predecessors, or the opposition.

And so that camouflages this other thing — which is recent. Both sides aren’t doing it quite the same way. Your idiot liberal nephew at Thanksgiving will put emphasis on the “both sides do it” thing, and xhe‘s not completely wrong.

But it is also true that to succeed in life, you have to do a lot of failing, and it’s also true that in our political system there’s one side that is dedicated to avoiding any acknowledgement of that.

All right, time to finish this. I was a subscriber for a long time to the view that though the Messiah will return, it might not be yet because there are cycles of human misery and joy and there always the wherewithal to come out of it … somehow.

Not now. Methinks we are now well past peak stupid and when stupid is accompanied by agenda, then dear oh dear.

Part two Sunday morning.

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  1. Wolfie
    November 17, 2019 at 08:22

    All my projects are agile based. Even when it’s completely inappropriate as it destroys quality and craftsmanship sucking all pleasure out of work as each sprint just becomes the beat of the slavers drum. Hate it but I have become good at making it work.

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