Unwarranted belief, unwarranted scepticism [3]

This episode was not scheduled but let’s look at it anyway, as it is about that theme of what people believe – wrongly.

It’s about the Louisiana gubernatorial election, just won by the DemRats.

I’m seeking analysis from those I know over there but that might take some time. Meanwhile, scrolling through comments at Breitbart seemed the way to go:


… and I found these among the dross:

1. 87 percent of Blacks voted for the Democrat. Alarm bells must ring anytime there is such a swayed monolith voting only one way.

Apparently there was a most unusually high turnout of blacks.

2. The reason this guy won is because local Republican candidates in LA are not very good candidates, and the Democrats are able to mobilize Blacks, White trash welfare people, dead people, and old people who don’t know who they’re voting for, and then double vote.

3. They dont vote Republican because Republican party spends 99% of Campaign Money in White Districts, they dont fight for Non White votes. I’m sure the numbers would show it. Anyways i still vote Republican but i don’t like the Leadership.

4. Sorry, but this is not entirely Trump’s fault. We’re running bad candidates that people don’t care to vote for.

POTUS squandered opportunities to fix the voter ID and illegal immigration issues. Twice, he had the Dems balls in a vice. These things should have been conditional in the budgets that he signed. Instead of standing his ground he caved…twice. Giving the Dems everything that they want and getting NOTHING in return.

When you give in to evil it tends to come back in various iterations…looking for more stuff to take from you.

I love this president. I will vote for him again. He has a good heart and good intentions, but he’s making a LOT of bad mistakes.

5.  Once again the GOP ran a bad candidate. When will they learn. Hardly any name recognition, said he’d cut taxes w/o saying how he’d pay for it, avoided some of the traditional events that Gov candidates attend, etc., etc. YET, the margin Edwards won by was small. Take heart conservatives, don’t let this get you down.

Who is at the head of GOP strategy?  A woman and not just a woman but Romney’s niece.

There was much made of the Rep candidate embracing Trump fully just after a dirty campaign against the other rep Abrahams, there was also the lack of progress on the wall – not trump’s fault in the main, being the DemRat obstruction but still DJT tends to whine in tweets rather than actually act, at least in people’s minds.

There’s also the low turnout of Republicans as a rule and the way DemRats are organised – Reps are too complacent.

There’s also no clear backing from the GOP for DJT, there are an awful lot of RINOs.  There is also the DJT NY liberal in a southern state factor.

I’d appreciate knowledgeable comments from those au fait.

2 comments for “Unwarranted belief, unwarranted scepticism [3]

  1. Mark Matis
    November 17, 2019 at 12:35

    RINOs are more appropriately identified as Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill. Genuflecting before their owner – Charles Koch. The Rove Republicans are what used to be called Rockefeller Republicans back in the day. The party has dusted them off and tarted them up to meet current “standards”. They emerged from the sewer in the 1980 election, when Ronald Reagan was forced to choose one of them as his Vice President in order to get party funding for his campaign. Shrub I then did his best to undercut Reagan at every opportunity, and when elected President in 1988 proceeded to destroy everything good that he could. Fortunately he has now relocated to the warmer climate where he belongs, and has been joined by Songbird McShame.

    Charles is in love with unrestricted immigration, just like the Communists’ Schwartz György. The Republicans also have the U.S Chamber of Commerce:
    which is also enthralled with unrestricted immigration. In other words, on the West side of the Pond we have a Uniparty!

    • November 17, 2019 at 12:39

      And of course, there is so much on Bush Snr in the occult realm. Doesn’t matter which angle you come from, there’s much material on 1000 points of New Order Bush. If people don’t like that angle, then work the CIA angle.

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