Long weekend [7]

46.  The first step to turning it round

Emily Segal says not being taught many life skills made her feel she’d been “reborn as stupid” after leaving school.

The presenter told 5 Live’s Sarah Brett she wishes she’d been taught formal email etiquette, financial literacy and how to work storage heaters at school.

I’ve seen a pejorative comment on her stupidity but beg to differ in one sense – she has recognised it, in the same way The Who did in 905.

Like an addict [see 37], that first step ending denial and recognising that there is work to do is so vast a step it can scarce be exaggerated.  Huge step forward and upward.

Now, step two is going to be everything. In bad company or with only the guardian, CNN or modern songs and film, chances are slim of ever climbing out of the abyss. She must learn alternative search methods, start educating herself.

There is also that other method I keep obliquely referring to and then not pursuing.

So I wish her well but the culpability of academia methinks is worthy of a special ring in hell – methinks that’s where these professors et al are headed for doing this to those minds.

45.  Momentum and other communist crazies

Did you see that woman, supposedly head of Momentum, can’t keep up with who runs the show, and they are about to own the government if Boris doesn’t get across the line, which he is hellbent on not doing with his fake Brexit and interview avoidance.

Coming back to that woman – she was mindless and fanatical, like all feminazis, very dangerous loonies indeed because they’re laser focussed on destruction.

44.  Violent revolution

Daily Pundit:

Mark my words: it will go on standing. Ramshackle, creaky, unsteady, tottering, perhaps. But count on it: there will be no division of the US without violent revolution.

Mark Matis made reference to this from Florida, my mate made reference to it over here. Methinks the British are too cowed, too nicey-nicey, to ever rebel in numbers – they’re all talk, see the December 12th result – but I can see it across the pond and it will be quite bloody.

It comes down to how well FEMA is ready with those camps and how many gun-toters there actually are.  It’s essential Americans defy the unconstitutional confiscations because the time is coming.

43.  Melania with a monster

There was Gabbard and her sign, now it’s stepped up to this clown, servant of his satanic majesty – they are legion:

The deep insult, of course, is not just to Melania but to the American nation. Who is more of a disgrace – Airmiles, this one or his great grandfather?

42.  Starbucks eat yer heart out


41.  Nanny speaks

Suffer the little children – more of the loonery:

Chief executive John Neal told trade magazine Financial News that staff have been emailed warning them to be “particularly careful”.

The move by Lloyd’s comes after it vowed in September this year to tackle its male-dominated culture.

40.  Roadway to Heaven?

Daily Timewaster yesterday, with a very nice set of photos, this one grabbed the attention:

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39.  Health report

Still have it, as of 08:33 Saturday, but coming out, probably by mid-tomorrow, up and running hopefully by Monday.

38.  China

Z Man:

There’s one problem with the China supremacy claim and that is China has always been smart, but China has always been China. It has never been Renaissance Europe or even Industrial Europe. Occidental people have conquered the world and built global empires, while East Asians have struggled to control their own turf. Even now, China has a per capita GDP one fourth of Mississippi, the poorest state in the union. Those smart Chinese have a long way to go to catch the West.

China’s inability to get over the hump and become something like a Western country is an important thing to consider. To assume, as many IQ absolutists do, that their mental firepower will be enough, is to miss the forest for the trees. Clearly, there is something else to it, as China should have dominated the world a long time ago, if IQ was as determinant as some claim. It should not have taken the Industrial Revolution two centuries to sink roots in China if it was only about IQ.

37.   ‘Immediacy’ and  ‘addiction’

Coming back, for now, to the Mavericks [35].

Immediacy.  I just adore when all the members are involved in turn before the final coming together – for popular music, it’s a must in my book.  Fine for an orchestra playing serious music to be anonymous automatons, also in 40s swing, but for this type of thing they need to come over as humans.

Similarly, in fiction writing, the characters need to be 3D, not caricatures.  Also on blogs, I like to see some connection with readers, rather than just reportage.  All these things need to live and breathe IMHO, maybe I’m wrong on this.

The Mavericks are a most interactive band but more than that, you can see the system, the organisation, how each part comes into play – it’s not just music, the audience sees the components of the show, even the key changes.  I saw the two wimmin criticised.

Nope, both they and the keyboardist Jerry DMcF were essential  in drawing it all together, plus the guest muso.

Addiction.  Sad, happens so easily.  Mine is currently shortbread.  Any old time evangelist will tell you that a ready solution is right there in your Redeemer and as Floridians not all that far from the bible belt, I’m surprised that didn’t occur to them.

Anything can become addiction – wimmin, alcohol, harder things, porn, fashion, vanity – trick is knowing when it’s starting to cross the line, and as the guitarist said – an addict will do anything.  Very dangerous person, always feels hard done by and resentful.

Plus he can’t recognise the line – the very notion of addiction is that failure to see.  Again, the old time evangelist will point out that it’s ‘possession’.  Even if you don’t buy old time religion, it’s still an interesting concept, possession.  It suggests traps for the unwary every step of the way. It suggests something far stronger than we are.

Methinks it happens if we’re not used to self-denial, deferring of pleasure, if we convert liberty to licence, if we cease entirely to be social beings. There are not too many people more cavalier, maverick, lone wolf than I am, and yet the social context is still there, constraining. Lose that and possession beckons.

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]