Amon Duul revisited

No quiz ready, tomorrow evening. Amon Duul’s output was a bit erratic but their best was usually unique, sometimes derivative, often ambient, always surprising:

Bader Meinhof did crash them at one point but the singer, Renata, sent them packing. Violence met peace and love and was sent on its way by firmness. Political journey.

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2 comments for “Amon Duul revisited

  1. Andy5759
    January 23, 2020 at 21:04

    The commune-ism of Düül attracted me to some extent in my youth. The BM involvement put me off but that didn’t last long with the advent of Düül II. Then along came their album which name I shall not put here in case there are Latin speakers among us. It made me pause. At that time I was a Church-goer, my vicar told me not to be silly, he didn’t see it as blasphemous. The music is good, still good. I hear echoes of their sound in so much rock/pop even today.

    In my sixth form there were the Tamla crowd, the reggae bwahs, the Elvis lovers, and the acid rockers. The latter group divided into various sub sects. I belonged to a sub sect of one. Although I did like Hawkwind. Only lately appreciating Syd Barrett and others, too many to mention. Zappa and Beefheart also formed a large part of my vinyl collection.

    To enjoy music is to be moved emotionally. Rock lifts me. I cannot listen to The Strawbs’ Brave New World without being moved close to tears. Is that because I’m growing old?

    Thanks for this selection James.

    • January 24, 2020 at 03:57

      It ties in with an article I just read by Rotten Chestnuts. Think I’ll do a post on it.

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