For Whom the Bell Tolls

Will Big Ben bong or not bong, that is hardly the question. Whether tis wiser in the mind to still be thinking Brexit or thinking of what horrors are actually planned – that is the question.

The PTB, Them, are certainly, in general, worldwide, trying to scare the plebs, including the greater middle class, and every meathead and ne-er-do-well is jumping onboard, e.g. Hal and Me-Again. People are being herded, for example in the UK, into voting Tory, given the quite melodramatic threat of Corbyn and Krankie – the game is far broader than just Brexit and its bong – can’t help thinking Hemmingway – For Whom the Bell Tolls.

Speaking personally, I stand to die from sudden withdrawal of meds if it hits the fan, there are others like me.  Some are on slender financial threads, some are way in over their heads as it is.

Part of the theatre is the many Scares, for example this one [H/T Chuckles]:

Deadly virus from China has global health officials on alert

Plus sheer Theatre, e.g. the Impeachment farce this week, plus our own Hal and Megs show. These are where the MSM’s eyes are directed to be, therefore the public’s, an MSM which is setting agendas now or carrying them out, not just reporting on them as reactionaries. As in Fahrenheit 451, they’re starting fires, not putting them out.

The Canadian Polly is a mix of bellwether and singing canary in the mine, is speculative but based on the data she’s ferreted out, she is no loon, she thinks things through and is a huge asset to those of us trying to make sense of where all this is going, with a view to countering it.

Whether that is even possible is down to your view on the subject of Hope or Despair [another post].  A large proportion of readers at N.O. and maybe more at OoL are what I’d call cynical rationalists, even libertarian, they’ve seen it all before, they see people getting their knickers in a knot.  There are those of the basically Christian persuasion who see this whole thing as inevitable, and then there are those who’d just like to know.  Can’t help thinking of Jackson Browne’s Before the Deluge.  Note the opening line: “Some of them were dreamers …”

Some are like Chicken Little and lastly, the enemy keeps all such sites monitored at a low level, in order to censor.  Trolls also abound.


Just as with a previous event in Virginia [see Polly’s video below] and I’m thinking of Canary Wharf here and Port Arthur in Tasmania, maybe even Sandy Hook and Parkland which I’m not linking to because it is being heavily censored in Search – just as with those and many more, Cologne and the Gulf War, there are things which really stink, just don’t add up.

Polly believes there’s an event coming up in Virginia based around the insane governor and his provocative policies, an event not of his doing but ordered from above.  See her reasoning here, I’ll now pause at 06:39 and watch the rest of it, then report below the video:

To open my notes on this, remember during the week:

At this point, if you have not watched the video and instead have skipped over it, there’s hardly any point going further, as I’m referring to it in my notes.

Polly makes reference to stories which are false to begin with but are being kept alive by bought pundits, Big Tech and the MSM – you see the egregious Politico in there, as trustworthy as Snopes isn’t – and they refuse to let the Lie go.

This is the groundwork being laid for what comes further down the track, such as this week.

At around 12 minutes, she gets onto SCL Group and naturally, Wiki looks at Cambridge Analytica instead of the overview, as Polly presents – crisis actors for staged events. So there is very little reliable analysis not mainstream.

If there were, as she says, something nasty this way coming, say a smallpox outbreak in London, they will create, for example, ‘toxic cloud coming this way’ stories, which is interesting, given the Chinese flu tale at the top of this post. She made this video before that headline.

They then have the victims in place, interviews with survivors and families of the dead … and there is zero way any of us can sort the truth out on any of it – what comes over the ether can be fact, it can be fake. Our reality is being messed with, just as in The Matrix.

Polly points out that at three major world events at least, and she names them and shows clips, there was a ‘training exercise’ going on at the same time, same day, same place. She also showed this:

They are paying people $250 a day as crisis actors north of Culpepper, Virginia, home of spooks and agencies, at exactly the time Northam wants the confrontation to take place [see screenshots of tweets above].

This lot run ‘scenarios’ the whole time – some grab, e.g. 7/7, some don’t. This is what a firm like SCL was in business for in the first place. And this is the ‘reality’ we are all going to be treated to this week, whether or not anything does happen or it’s something acted out.

Do you see the magnitude of what we’re facing?

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4 comments for “For Whom the Bell Tolls

    • January 19, 2020 at 09:36

      Cheers, have tweeted, using the image.

  1. Andy5759
    January 20, 2020 at 00:24

    There are a few articles upon American Thinker comparing the plans for this to Charlottesville. Yes, this has always been in the pipeline, they are very clever and have war gamed all possibilities. The end game can only be CWII. Those of us on the side of right versus wrong need to box clever too. I hope and pray that this goes off without bloodshed.

    • January 20, 2020 at 08:08

      We can only wait. I’ve added a few things today.

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