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Purpose in this is to provide a post you can add to because my knowledge of the topic is sketchy – remember I have neither TV nor radio. Here is what I found on Twitter, first port of call:

There was another listing soldiers recently killed and wondering why the MSM was not crying out over them. Then I saw this:

From what I can gather, this one called Felicia is neither the 13 year old daughter nor the 19 year old he supposedly raped, think she’s a WaPo journo who retracted a story on him.

From my emails, I got these:

– basketball player for the LA Lakers
– offensive – lauded as some great man, just a great black athlete
– utter stupidity of news outlets and the wind-up voice boxes
– rape accusation he had from a young girl of 19 some years ago
– American sports culture gods
– rape culture

Right, I get the general idea from that and am not even going to pursue the specific rape, except to say there certainly is that culture but there is also cry rape.  I have zero knowledge which it was, she may well have been completely right, one thinks of Tyson and that one is certainly not one way.

Now I’m going to almost completely change the topic – almost, not quite. At the very moment all this came through, I was up to chapter 12 of my book which I’m redacting to close broken story arcs, repair anachronisms etc. – technical things, chapter numbering – but in so doing, one reads the content and the bit I’d got to when this came through was when a pair had to flee their town and take refuge when someone wanted to kill them.

Perhaps through the need to work together under third party duress, perhaps because they were both reasonable people, neither soft, both feisty, both with their own life to that point – methinks it might even make a good episode on TV.

Anyway, they were both invested in making the few days work and it goes into how they did that and now I’m going to say it – though the female is fictitious, she is based on an amalgam of three females I was acquainted with and it combined their best features, there was nothing invented as I recall the incidents very well in each case.  It began with the premise that they came to these few days with entirely different perspectives, it could not have been more hetero if you tried and yet the old imperative prevailed and they were able to get along simply because both wanted. Ego had taken off its shoes outside the door.

This is why I get angry at the culture mentioned above, at the sheer crass lack of understanding, of not even wanting to understand, of feminazism, cry-rapism, of the rape culture itself, of domestic violence both ways – that is SO far removed from my concept of relations and I ask how it got this way out there.

Readers will simply points to posts passim as to why.  Above all, my anger is directed at the scumbag MSM, deep in thrall to really dirty people and they are the ones giving so many their reality framework.

In fairness to blacks, if advertisers, firms, the MSM, gaming, all of those, relentlessly insist on ALWAYS putting black man and white woman in adverts, then it’s going to have an effect on people’s attitudes towards blacks.  I see a perfectly nice, innocent black man, e.g. a young Thomas Sowell and yet he gets labelled because of what these horrible people are doing with their PR campaigns.

In fact, it’s the reverse of the toxic white male syndrome – how many perfectly nice guys are slurred in this way and the culprits are always the same in doing this slurring.

Feelings are clearly running high on the matter.  Just found this:

She said he choked her for much of the assault. “Every time I said ‘no,’ he tightened his hold around me,” she told police, according to court documents obtained by The Daily Beast.

Afterward, she told cops that Bryant warned her, “[This] is just between the two, the two of us, nobody is gonna know about this, you’re not going to tell anybody.”

Bryant, who was married with a 5-month-old daughter at the time, maintained that the two had consensual sex.

“I didn’t force her to do anything against her will. I’m innocent,” he said at a news conference after being charged — with wife Vanessa standing by his side.

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  1. Toodles
    January 27, 2020 at 20:38

    I remember the rape accusation very well, by the 19 year old against him. I believed it was rape. I believe they were two people from two worlds and two different states…colliding cultures, if you will.

    I believe she was not bright or educated in the world of the rich and famous mega star athlete who more than likely had been groomed to believe he was a demi-god by the American public, his handlers and maybe his family since he was a teen, at least and only increased through university and then the pros.

    I am just drawing conclusions. It is not a unique situation, I am afraid. Happens with rock stars…music stars, actors, politicians, religious leaders, big whatever companies. The rich and/or powerful goons!!!

    Many goons have all sorts of people throwing themselves at them. Perhaps the word ‘no’ is not part of their vocabulary.

    There are people wrongly accused of rape as well. James has brought examples to our attention several times. Both situations are rape, which I think is a form of murder.

    I do hate the man and his child and the other people were killed though, I do. I find no pleasure in that.

    • james wilson
      January 27, 2020 at 21:01

      Google false rape claims and you will be fed studies showing 1-2% false claims. In truth it’s 40%. The most common motive is revenge, but there’s many others. This one falls in the cracks. Equality has dulled all minds but Derbyshire could expand his list to eleven and even stupid girls could accept more responsibility in dating glaringly obvious risks.

  2. james wilson
    January 27, 2020 at 21:19

    Kobe Bobe died in a manner very similar to the irreplaceable Diana, hubris. He chose to helo in fog that had already grounded helos instead of taking a ninety minute drive. The pilot knows his gig is better by far than any other he’s going to land so of course he goes with it. Same for John Kennedy jr. Rookie pilot flying at night over water ignoring instruments, lost which way is up from down. In all cases blackout on the cause until grieving can be maximezed. No headlines saying Kobe Helo Hubris Kills Nine or Future President Kills Wife And Sister In Law Flying Blind.

  3. Wolfie
    January 28, 2020 at 01:10

    The medical report is quite conclusive. Black entitled man rapes white pretty girl of low status “and thinks he will get away with it”.

    Stop with the metoo shit will you? Life is more complicated.

  4. Distant Relative
    January 28, 2020 at 08:51

    As unfortunate as it was to hear of the events concerning Kobe Bryant this was apparently predicted in 2017. “Predicted” in a cartoon?


    Make of that what you will. I’d never heard of him before yesterday and have no horse in this race.

  5. January 28, 2020 at 10:11

    Thanks for all of those.

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