Warning – if you access this, it is sickening, not for those with high blood pressure:

Quite right – no one asked for it but people DID vote for it this year in returning Johnson whom I for one said was going to betray Britain. My mate said it might even have been better for Corbyn to get in – irrelevant in our constituency which is tribal Labour but by doing that, much of the country would realise they were in trouble.

Johnson in his Tory colours and with the word Brexit plastered over his lecterns could hide the fact that he had no intention whatever of following conservative policies, the people voted in droves for what they wanted, shutting out the fact that he was certainly never going to implement what the country so dearly wants, he’s been pushing WA2 plus vanity projects plus mouthing reassuring platitudes 24/7 and I’d say he knew Cv was around the corner – Cummings would have known anyway.

Cv strikes, borders are kept wide open to anyone rowing a boat across, to get free checks for Cv on this side.  Meanwhile, these sorts of things go on:

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