April Fool’s Day

6. Appropriate response

ME: Dial 999. Police, please
POLICE: Police
ME: Hi. Two hooded men are robbing my shed.
POLICE: Sorry, we have no resources. There’s nothing we can do.
ME: They are standing less than 1 metre apart.
POLICE: Keep them there – we’ll be there in 5.

5. Leftwing nutter now heading C4 news

Entirely wrong choice on every count – Guido goes into it:

Channel 4 has appointed Dispatches editor Louisa Compton as the channel’s new Head of News, replacing Dorothy Byrne following the abrupt news she is standing down. Byrne’s departure was widely seen as an attempt to thaw relations with Number 10, who were not happy with Byrne’s ‘Boris is a Liar’ speech over the summer…

Compton, however, is unlikely to inspire confidence in the former Vote Leave team running Number 10. At Dispatches, her programme targeted the Leave campaign and ignored Remain’s rule flouting… 

Appropriate first item for April 1st. Back to the well every time.

4. New careers

3. The brown belt issue

Well worth a gander:


What’s clear from such an idea is that O’Brien sees forced sale as a means to get ‘brownfield’ sites developed. What he doesn’t tell us is why “derelict land on the site of an old factory” isn’t being developed for housing, there’s merely a hint that the developer is “sitting” on the land until the council lets it get away without “paying for infrastructure”.

2. Have a lovely April 1st

1. Murder most foul

Ace of Spades:


Woman Who Gave Deadly Dose of Fish Tank Cleaner to Husband — and Then Blamed it on Trump — Is Prolific Donor to Democrats and Liberal “Pro-Science” Causes

It all just worked out so that you’d have an attack line on the Bad Orange Man, huh?

As AofS concludes by the end though:

I don’t buy it. This was murder, with a weird bonus motive of political propaganda.

What we’re seeing is the ultimate breakdown now into lawlessness and it’s not a place anyone wants to be in.  I’ve mentioned that in Russia, I was told by a girl about a young man not far from where we were who had the previous evening come downstairs in his ‘padyezd’ or common stairwell for flats, some young men were passing in a car, got out and beat him to death.  There was no chance any would be caught – their Plod were after other types of miscreants.

We’re not far behind that now.

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]