Yesterday, I ran part of the Saturday post on Alpha Delta Pi sorority at the University of Alabama:

Why? Because I have a connection with the state, because the idea of so many females in one place would make a good post, because the video just appeared on my youtube channel, because someone made a comment about lack of diversity and because I compile so fast that I threw it in and scheduled.

Why not do a post on the Frat Boys?  Well why do one, I say?  Just ask Bluto. Which is more interesting for us – inside a sorority house or inside a barracks of bastardised boys?  Come on.  At least, that’s how this started.

And what also started was one of the longest prep times for a post I’ve ever wiled away self-isolation doing – I don’t know, it must rival Kubrik with his Eyes Wide Shut.

The two criticisms constantly emerging from those outside of houses, not part of it, was about the lack of diversity … plus the money behind those kids.

The real criticism from within was about the culture.

The equivalent over here is obviously Waugh’s Bollinger [Bullingdon] and maybe Pup. I was in a lesser society.

Anyway, youtube immediately latched onto the video above and presented this observation by the NYP, whose interest, of course, is in the diversity question:

We’re only partly talking racial diversity here, the real lack of diversity in a quite different way is addressed further down.

There are two other criticisms – one by girls themselves, about fakeness – these are not real people – and the other by Christian sites.

I also have criticisms of many Christian sites and what they’re trying to achieve.

The good thing with the Christian sites is that they fearlessly, constantly zero in on the same things they do with Masons and the Illumined – the culture being taught, how it is and how very far from the Word it is, in fact playing for the other side.

The bad thing with those sites is that they’re so esoteric, clobbering any newcomer with quotes from Exodus, Leviticus et al, smothering the revelations [not meant to be a pun] in such language that any non-Christian is quickly going to recoil and click out, missing the quite legitimate points about the frat/sorority culture which explain why things at the top of society keep on keeping on as they do.

As one with scholastic pretensions, at least ferreting pretensions, I’m concerned for one particular demographic, let me explain.

There’s a very strong demographic who could be described as seekers for the truth on this matter or that and they are not, for the most part, religious.  Of late, in these times, I’ve mentioned it more but basically, these ferreters just wish to fisk, debunk, call out humbug and my view is if it leads them somewhere, all well and good.

These people, plus the fearless radical Christians, not working together unfortunately, are the ones who are ever going to find anything out and blow whistles and they must not be impeded in that.  I’m saying that the managers of Christian sites seem unaware of the demographic likely to stumble upon them these days.  Fine to include verses to make the point but not to clobber newcomers the moment they click in – it’s not real world.

What started to come through at the beginning was not just fakeness but sluttiness, plus the way the house owns their souls.  Constant networking and the weekend partying are seen as vital because that’s how they meet up for eventual life partnerships.

One girl said they were advised to look slutty to attract the boys. Another who seemed not to have been accepted said it was all about this partying and being loyal to the Greek letters and what was behind them. Things like rush week and hazing, also mentioned in one of the detracting videos, just follow from this culture, as outlined here:

The secret side of Greek life does not get brought into the light as members are sworn to closely kept secrecy. Parts of Greek life such as hazing, rush, and secret rituals are rarely mentioned outside of the fraternities’ or sororities’ knowledge. Hazing is where members are forced to perform various embarrassing or self-objectifying acts.

Rush is the organized process of judging, pressuring, and testing to see if members are worthy of meeting the standards of certain fraternities and sororities. The sworn in secret rituals are traditions that the chapter performs and are often unknown acts or chants done in private (Reitman)

I’d already found this:

I watched one of the mass meetings in a room when they found out if they were accepted or not – it was presented as the summum bonum to those girls in life – there was nothing more important than being accepted. It was far more than getting your A levels here with flying colours – there was shrieking, wailing and weeping going on in that room as immensely powerful head honchos made the announcements.

One set of youtubes was about recruitment and how key girls were drawn into Allison Mack roles – they’re the ones who do the interviewing.  One girl devoted thirty minutes just to that aspect and why it was corrupt. By the end, she was still unaware why she’d been, not so much rejected, but hidden in a basement, away from prospectees.

My early years involved some interesting things along these lines, I was part of a house system, a recruiter, and I could phone someone if still in touch and in trouble – the networking is astounding. Many a job offer to me was helped by these connections.

Coming back to Christian sites, it is, as mentioned, a pity that they hit with the hard sell because so many things authors dug up were first rate and corroborated from other sources:

Phi Beta Sigma was associated with Athena, in Greek religion and mythology, one of the most important Olympian false gods.

Kappa Alpha Psi is associated with Thoth which is the name given by the Greeks to the Egyptian god Djeheuty. Thoth was the god of wisdom, inventor of writing, patron of scribes and the divine mediator.

Phi Beta Sigma pays homage to Horus.

There’s a long list at that site but the bottom line is that these houses are feeding youth into key roles in society after college – in one news clip, two of the women in the news studio were ‘graduates’ themselves, this is where leadership of thought tomorrow is coming from.  There’s so much concentration on Masonry, Eastern Star and those things that what is missed in exploration are the sorority houses, the genesis of female masonry.

Below is a perfect example of something which really needs explanation – she herself is not a good person and her ‘crime’ in the eyes of anyone decent is that she is a product of today’s indoctrinating schools with the hook-up and drug culture at a far earlier age now, with little or no parenting moderating it – in other words, she is a product of a now lost system of education but that does not actually suit sororities one bit.

This girl committed two major crimes in their eyes – the first was that she told.  And by showing the truth of the house denizens to the world through seeking hook-ups on Tinder, she was directly attacking the house itself, she was drawing heat.

This came through over and over and over in girls’ accounts of the five things they are not allowed to mention under any circumstances.

By the way, notice her satanic handsign halfway through.

With this next one, it’s a slightly different story. She’s what passes today as a ‘normal’ girl, making her anything but sorority material.

Initially wanting desperately to get into one, as so many girls do, as houses are so much part of Americana, the American equivalent of aristocracy – there’s this same pressure on them to become part of the in-crowd, to really be someone, in a similar way to starlets trying themselves out in Hollywood, starry-eyed at first but soon learning the reality:

With both those girls, a case could be made, if no other material were available, that they were just little malcontents, troublemakers – but that really does miss the point.

In their own way corrupted by their schooling without ever realising how and why schooling has become toxic today, they’re still half-entranced and would really, really have liked, even now, even after knowing the truth, to have been part of it all – had they been feted and lauded.

The thing which came through over and over from almost every girl, and I must have watched dozens before crashing, was that they were completely unaware what the pledges, the darkness to light rituals, were really about.  Any who’ve been with this blog a long time know exactly what they’re about.

My father was a Mason and in the blue degrees, they did all sorts of weird things.  While they’re aware in the sense of what they’re taught, they’re not aware what they are really supporting beneath it.  I am, I know about Hiram Abith and the three Js – the latter are even used as characters in my long book.  The three Js had a symbolic presence at the death of JFK.

I saw much kickback from sorority girls right into it all – the successful ones – and it’s clear they’re not really aware of what the whole system means, its ancient roots, it’s pre-1776 significance.  Maybe I should just back off.

As youtube kept flooding the timeline with this material, also coming through were walkthroughs, always by beauties totally for the house – they’re everywhere on youtube because it is a prime source for high school seniors on the net:

This one was in Lord Somber‘s city:

Not quite as good camerawork there but you still get the idea, plus snippets kept appearing, e.g. the Creed on the wall which they chant in rituals.  She quickly skipped over that but assured us it was good.

Quick analogy.  Someone years ago used a phone-camera at a Walmart staff meeting and what was apparent from the start was – it was not unlike The Mummy and John Hannah’s character chanting the ‘Imhotep, Imhotep’ mantra, along with all the other mesmerised zombies.  This was a store staff meeting about profit and loss? It was religious by any measure.

In the first walkthrough above, the two girls just went into everyone’s bedroom and filmed – it was a house promotional video for prospectees of course, made by a senior.  The point was made by some commenters that this was invasion of privacy.

With this next one, I came very close to going awwwwww, how sweet – the Big/Little tradition where the elder ‘mentors’ the younger for the year, ensuring she complies with the traditions of the house – all lovely and everyone so happy and yet … there’s something off about it all the same.

What does our narrator do?  She gives presents every day of the younger girl’s first week, swamping her with love and as you see in the video, the older is just as into it, almost fervently, as the younger would be overwhelmed.  It all seems so flattering, so heartwarming and accepting – tell me a girl of that age who would not succumb?

Dark side to it all?  Well, sometimes someone spills the beans:

The national office of the Sigma Nu fraternity suspended all activities at its Old Dominion University chapter Monday as it opened an investigation into three sexually suggestive banners that were hung from the front porch of the group’s off-campus house over the weekend.

“The Fraternity condemns the derogatory and demeaning language used on the banners,” the fraternity’s executive director Brad Beacham said in a statement. “Such language has no place in our Fraternity or within any caring community, such as that of ODU.”

Beacham vowed that any fraternity members deemed responsible for what he called the “reprehensible display” would be held accountable.

Those frat boys had committed the crime of openly expressing what went on.

Who goes to these places?  Well for a start, it involves money.  That lovely girl who was making all those presents for her ‘Little’ was spending $20 just on the first day’s present, the cheapest day.  Think that one through.

There’s a scramble to be in the ‘best’ houses, no one wants the lower ones and so it can become dog eat dog.

Also think about those Greek letters being made by that last girl, crafted in fact.

And who would be the first demographic to pick up on all of this?  The genuine reporter and the radical Christian would – red flags would go up quickly.  There was one site, now chopped down by Them, who ran a site called Ephesians 5:12 – go ahead, look it up.

The Atlantic on the Frats [but the same also applies to the girls’ equivalent today]:

In a sense, they are older: they emanated in part from the Freemasons, of which George Washington himself was a member. When arguments are made in their favor, they are arguments in defense of a foundational experience for millions of American young men, and of a system that helped build American higher education as we know it. Fraternities also provide their members with matchless leadership training.

They continue:

For every butt bomb, there’s a complaint of manslaughter, rape, sexual torture, psychological trauma. A recent series of articles on fraternities by Bloomberg News’s David Glovin and John Hechinger notes that since 2005, more than 60 people—the majority of them students—have died in incidents linked to fraternities, a sobering number in itself, but one that is dwarfed by the numbers of serious injuries, assaults, and sexual crimes that regularly take place in these houses.

Many people believe that violent hazing is the most dangerous event associated with fraternity life, but hazing causes a relatively small percentage of these injuries. Because of a variety of forces, all this harm—and the behaviors that lead to it—has lately been moving out of the shadows of private disciplinary hearings and silent suffering, and into the bright light of civil lawsuits, giving us a clear picture of some of the more forbidding truths about fraternity life.

It would be quite remiss of me not to mention the other side – those who felt nurtured by the system, where clearly, in their houses, they had not been badly hazed and the rituals were a bit more benign. There was much outpouring by ex-sisters who are never ever really ex, in support of their time in their houses, the sheer fun, the events, festivals and so on.

So as that news anchor said – there are bad ones, there are good ones, the bad ones get to the news studios.  Many of the smaller houses are less gung ho, even sweet. There was much talk by girls of mutual support, how nice the Big Little system is. That girls with beds together means nothing bad – I’m male, not my field the mystery of how females get along with each other.

There was much talk by girls of that being the reason they wanted to join – not hook-ups at the frat house, as in that picture above, but meet and greet things, networking.

There was constant mention by girls of the different natures of the different houses, you needed to select the right one for you and be selected by them.

What to make of it all? I can only refer to my own past inside one of these but in our system – I survived but ours was much more male, militaristic, it was about the strong surviving in combination with allies – that ally motif was constant. We had whistles. If attacked, we blew and mates came running to help. I was never a loner after those days, not a real loner like a mountain man. Networks are important.

I needed to add that last bit just now to balance the picture more.




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  1. April 5, 2020 at 03:42

    Lot of old history in those sorority houses, and not a few ghostly ones.
    Much better taken care of than the frat houses, for obvious reasons.

    As for the Greek system here, let’s just say I drank a lot of their beer and made big bucks playing their parties…

    • April 5, 2020 at 11:52

      My knowledge base has rapidly expanded on it all in the past 30 hours.

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    Here’s what chaps get up to. Fraternity Ritual

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    Not leaving out the lasses

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    • April 25, 2020 at 03:08

      Oh it is but I tread carefully on this one – well on sororities. They seem quite close to eastern star in format, same source.

      Between pages 3 and 4 seemed an insert but now I think it is advertising in there, the subsequent pages dispel doubt.

      This explains the tolerance of excess and ‘hazing’. I was, at one time, inside one of these types of fraternities in our culture and there was most definitely hazing, which is why I recognised the Matt Hancock prefect type immediately.

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