What’s wrong with this police visit?

If you can’t access the video, this is a still from it:

I need to fill in here that you can just see an officer to our foreground right, the one who presumably knocked on the door.  She’s a butch girl so I’d say she might pack a punch.

Now look at the male, the hips, the way he’s standing and leaning against the wall, the sallow cheeks, the overall wimpiness.  I know from experience that that doesn’t necessarily say much – they might all have the basic training and be able to fight but they certainly do not impress in any way.

What makes it worse is the way other girls in uniform are standing behind him – small girls – how on earth would one of those handle a bunch of thugs or chavs and especially Muslims?  Answer of course is they would not be sent on that sort of job.

So in a way, this is pathetic – by sheer weight of numbers of girls, plus the one youth with the taser in his hand – that’s a really nice ‘community policing’ way to approach someone whose crime is to take a photo of an officious parking warden.

In fact it’s insulting.  Where are Jack Regan and Carter?  Where’s Fancy Smith?

Yet they can still taser a resident, four girls can then cuff him and truss him up, then huff and puff and get him into the van.  The whole thing stinks.

Then we get onto what was said – never coming out and saying what they have reason to believe, just keeping it general, saying they have all sorts of evidence.  Oh yes – what evidence?  Of what?  What’s the charge?

And what of his stolen money, the resident, where the police never bothered turning up?

On the other hand, of course:

All right, let’s turn from them to the army:

Interesting legal point about using the army but never mind, let’s move on – at least there’s some respect for the ORs and subalterns, if not for high-ranking donkeys and the politicians they’re in bed with.  And as we’ve seen, that latter  lot have gone Woke.

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  1. Ed P
    April 2, 2020 at 12:22

    Uniformed people:

    Trust military personnel, as they answer to the Crown.
    Police answer to politicians, so by definition are not to be trusted.

    • April 2, 2020 at 12:45

      It’s a point, though military top brass are just as corrupted and Woke.

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