The Genesis of Nick Park

Not sure if Nick Park’s first release [though not his first project], Creature Comforts, gets much screentime these days – not having a tele nor going to the cinema nor gaming, I’d not know.

Anyway, here’s the original – it was expanded for the series:

More subtle than Wallace and Gromit, there are some nice Wiki lines about it all – firstly on Nick Park:

The Daily Telegraph remarked Park has taken on some attributes of Wallace, just “as dog owners come to look like their pets”, overexpressing himself, possibly as a result of having to show animators how he wants his characters to behave.

On the Creature Comforts series:

  • A highly philosophical speech given by an amoeba.
  • An alligator praising he neighbourhood, the sewer.
  • Animals being scared of their own habitat (aquaphobic sharks and walruses, birds afraid of heights, etc.)
  • Background details such as:
    • Insects swarming into a gap in the paving stones when a slug mimics a bird call.
    • Grey aliens blinking in unison.
    • A lab mouse being interviewed while another mouse with a human ear on his back walks by.

On Wallace and Gromit:

# Wallace lives at 62 West Wallaby Street, Wigan, along with his dog Gromit.

Australians again, ya see. [Also see Captain Kangaroo in the States.]

# Wallace has had three love interests. The first was Wendolene Ramsbottom, which ended quickly when Wendolene told Wallace that cheese gives her a rash.

The second was Lady Tottington in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, whom Wallace fondly calls “Totty”.

In A Matter of Loaf and Death, Wallace becomes engaged to Piella Bakewell, but this ended when she turned out to be a murderess who hated bakers, and was eaten by crocodiles upon trying to escape justice.

In Musical Marvels, after the montage of his three love interests, he refers to them as “the ones that got away”.

# Gromit gains his own love interest in A Matter of Loaf and Death, when he becomes attached to Fluffles, a poodle.

Fluffles reciprocates his affection and joins Wallace and Gromit delivering bread at the end of the film, and the three drive off into the sunset, making a delivery and listening to “Puppy Love” (performed, according to the record cover, by “Doggy Osmond”).

# NASA named one of its new prototype Mars explorer robots after Gromit in 2005.

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  1. Ripper
    May 31, 2020 at 14:11

    I’m almost sure that the Creature Comforts movie came straight from the TV adverts that Park did for gas/electricity.

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