Baby Bye Bye

Right, here’s that promised other version of one of yesterday’s songs and you’ll see why, about halfway through – why I’m now unsure about this band:

Even if you don’t like the music or them, give that second half a look, particularly as it’s used as the starting point for this post now. I can see many of you saying – James, James, it’s only a video for crying out loud!

To such a sentiment, let me requote that comment from yesterday:

It may help to remember the diet of propaganda these people imbibe daily–continuously!–from the MSM, including online news sites, social media, and especially the ‘entertainment’ choices they enjoy. It’s been going on for decades.

Starting with the blonde fronting this version of the song – I saw other photos of her, replete with nose bone and tatts, hardly the cleancut lass fronting the video, Ms Eleanor Sudbury.  In the song, near the end where she’s over his shoulder, you can see the huge tatt on the left leg.

Call me sexist as I do not include men in this scathing comment – Popeye the Sailor Man, Sean Connery, whoever – but a girl that age, forty or fifty years ago, even thirty years ago, would not have had those things.  Her father would have gone beserk at her, she’d never have got near one of those parlours, let alone there being many of those parlours about anyway.

There’s been a societal change [this comment is for those still on the Planet Zog] and the change ain’t good.

Now let’s get the disclaimers out of the way – yes, she can do exactly what she bleedin’ well wants, yada yada, blah blah, blah, she can do it when she wants – what’s that to me?

She can be induced into being an SJW, can occupy part of a city and call it Chaz, she can burn police cars and be arrested in her home [last evening], she can put it about with anyone she pleases and carry all sorts of diseases, not least of the brain – yo, bros, we’re all uber-libertarian, are we not?

I read yesterday that we were the most tolerant nation on earth, letting anyone pour in, inviting in drag shows and pole dancing to schools for the infants … etc. etc.  You know my views on that and if you have daughters, you might just see where this is going, except it’s not going there.

In fact, I’m getting off the topic of her or at least moving onto the next stage – it’s about a quite new, vicious, psychopathic element which has crept into things and this comes back to that churchman Vigano [sidebar].  There’s a whole host of people who would not have the least idea what I’m rabbiting on about here but some of you know full well.

There’s an element now of total lack of restraint, utter viciousness coming into it because no one has said No to them in their upbringing, they’ve been pampered to get what they want, when they want.

Sure, the football firms end up bloodied and hospitalised, all in a post-match entertainment way but that’s different I tell ye – that’s not five young men jumping off car roofs onto a man on the ground, that’s not the policeman swarmed upon the other day and on the way to being kicked to death.

I’ll tell you who would see this change first, before anyone else – it would be the football lads themselves, no strangers to the jagged broken bottle in the face.  They could tell you, especially with the jihadis, the type of sheer viciousness governing the clashes these days.

The second demographic which would recognise the change in the nature of the callousness and fiendish embellishments is of course the Christians who really are that, not just CINOs and pointy-hatted Welbys.  Because they see an element in here, not unlike in Darfur, where the killings have become bestial, as if the killers were possessed.

And so to this band – sure it was just a video to go with the song.

Their parents were in that band, they were involved in the process – father is a sound engineer who does remastering, so he was well aware of that element in the video and was fine with it.  And that’s what I’m talking about here – the substance of song, of gaming, of film, TV, has turned distinctly bestial and there’s also a boiling frog principle going on at the same time – that as Yuri said, it would not compute in people’s minds how it’s slid downwards by increments.

I’d say those siblings had seen Snatch when making the clip – actually, those three siblings remind me of that pilot episode of Midsomer Murders where the brother and the sister were on with each other – look at the body language of the brother and the younger sister. It’s all fleeting, agreed, but it’s still indicative, it speaks volumes.  You wouldn’t want to be caught with that family in a remote location, that’s all I can say.

And have a quick look at that Wikientry at the end of that link – scroll down to the sub-heading ‘Differences’.

Yes … precisely.

The uneasy thought today is that on the surface, they’re all so innocuous, so innocent, including the blonde, wholesome, butter wouldn’t melt.  If you crossed that younger sister though …  Also, the mother is fine with younger daughter’s eye makeup like that?  Does anyone see the family dislocation here for crying out loud?

Methinks there’s a time coming, dear reader, where, whatever we may have been up to until now, we’re going to have to take sides in what is, essentially, a war for civilisation and not just between left v right, statist v people – this is as primal as good versus evil.

I’m not saying those kids are intrinsically evil, they’re certainly messing with it like Taylor Swift, they’re pod people, they’re Charlie Manson’s concubines.

The truly evil are hidden away in plain sight as always, grinning, delighted the way things have gone.  Which brings us back to Jesus of Nazareth storming into the temple courtyard and overturning the moneylenders’ tables.

To which they all cry – racist, fascist, chill out, man.

There was an incident early in my university time in Russia where I asked if the girls had seen any changes since they were the age of their younger siblings.  They all had a say and one of the main criticisms was that girls no longer cared about stomachs bulging above waistbands – this older lot would not be seen dead outside looking like that.  They went on and on about it with a passion.

That change in Russian society had come about with western money and goods, world culture pouring in, twisting values along the way.  What happened in Russia 1989 to about 1998 was a cranked up version of what happened in the west between 1946 and now.

That was just the kids talking – you can imagine what the oldies were saying about it all.  Putin and cronies attempted a reset [post-2000], in which we foreigners were caught up – power was shifting out of his hands into the controllers of the world culture which saw the rise of Pussy Riot.

But even he conceded defeat when those around him forced him to release them from prison.  This post is not about Russia – that can be done in a separate post.  But I saw changes at cranked up speed which were breathtaking and dismaying – over here, we’ve had decades for them to slip by us unnoticed.

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