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Collecting threads from here and there and it does affect the worldview. If you want some good thoughts on it all, then I’d recommend a few writings before we get to the new material.

A very straight down the line take:

The current rioting and cultural vandalism by Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) are proving that diversity is far from making the nation stronger and nothing whatsoever to celebrate.

The truth is that diversity has divided the nation on ethnic and religious lines to the point where law and order has broken down and the nation is longer recognizable as the one it was a few decades ago.

I do not believe the British people are inherently racist but they do object to the way they are being portrayed as racists, xenophobes and white supremacists for living the way they have always lived in their own country which was 97% white British until recent history.

In general, the British people are of an accepting nature, they get on with their lives and are slow to anger and in recent history they have been crushed by rigidly imposed political correctness.

These race riots manufactured by Antifa and BLM have woken them up somewhat and they have become increasingly hurt and angered by their heritage being trashed and their historic symbols being destroyed by ingrates from abroad and their progeny.

I must add that they are being aided and abetted by home grown enemies who have used the death of a black career criminal thousands of miles away to stir up hatred and use the resultant mayhem to further their left-wing political agenda.

The decision to erase the British way of life and replace it with a so-called ‘multi-cultural society’ was taken by the ruling elite without consulting the British people or seeking their consent.

They knew their cultural replacement program would be unacceptable to the British people so there was no consultation or ‘national conversation’, neither was there a referendum; they just went ahead and did it surreptitiously in a way similar to the way they transferred the people’s sovereignty to the European Union.

Of course, there is this collection from yesterday, not to be sneezed at:

Then this from Burning Platform:

I believe that loving one’s own first and foremost is no indicator of hatred for the other. The usual epithets spewed by present day social fascists hold no power that is not given them by the targets of their invective. I grow roses. If I should have a special affinity for the deep red variety, am I required to uproot all the others and cast them on the fire? Because I love my own people, must I hate others? Except in the undifferentiated hive mind of the relentlessly ignorant, such thinking is ludicrous.

Also, it does seem bollox about the vaccines – what they officially put out:

All that is by the numbers, straight down the line.  Now to today’s:

That’s Dilbert of course.  DJT is either an agent ushering in the NWO through this ‘knowledge increasing’, as distinct from people living in a Matrix bubble for their entire lives and never questioning [Eloi] … or else he is the real thing and therefore will be removed, as Biden hinted.

One thing he has shown is that, though he has the power to send in the military to clear Seattle centre, he cannot because it would sway too many independents and the use of actual military within the US is a no-no.  He is pointing out that states’ rights is not always best policy.  Very clever.

DJT was very much carried into power by his apex of the Triangle influencing the Electors:

… but they fear he’s showing every Kennedy type sign of wanting to actually achieve something. Maybe. Maybe he’s just one of Them all along and everything is theatre.

The clash of opposing rallies:

Hearts and minds but never is it directly Trump v DemRats … the DemRats go the social justice route which they know will bring the crowds into Brooklyn. The Eloi gather en masse, they don’t even know how they’re being played en masse. DemRats mouth a socially responsible platitutde and the Eloi come in like … well … Eloi.

Meanwhile, the DemRat/Obama/Antifa/BLM/UN side do know how to play it. Call it anti-fascist whilst being brownshirt equivalents, call it concern for blacks whilst thuggery in the streets sends any opposition to hospital or heaven. The playbook is the same as the 30s.

My question is – how did they know, back in the 30s, to run this sel-same playbook? You see, there are those at the top who do know history whilst stopping any of the upcoming generation knowing, plus stymying us ‘old ones’, many who also know real history.

The Alamo is nothing to a young SJW girl, it is everything to those of a certain age in Texas. Clever little monsters, those brainwashing the kids, turning them into mindless, sexually twisted, psycho thugs.

And now this ludicrous last cry from the Alamo:

Highly incendiary, desperate to get that civil war going.

Come back to one of the myriad incidents, this one in London from the weekend – the rightwing bovver boy who was set upon by wild beasts the moment he was separated from the others. In the shot, the police do nothing – nothing at all. Zilch.  Nada.

Think about that. What is their prime directive? Nothing to protect a lone man from being set upon before their eyes.

That’s the first part. Now, in comes a large black man and he hoists the BNP type to his shoulder and saves him. MSM goes beserk – it’s all over the place. And of course, the black man is quietly spoken, a real hero type.

Ipso facto, these are the new manly heroes for us all, let them all pour in and replace the pathetic specimen of BNP manhood over the shoulder – that’s the level this thing is at.


That’s what the centre and right have been … played by the MSM they still insist on watching in the evenings for their ‘reality’.

And still they don’t know, on the whole, how dangerous this thing really is.

May I put this to you – this is neither more nor less than sodom and gomorrah – the mob turning up at people’s doors, demanding someone is dragged out for their sport.

Is the mob totally uncontrolled? Of course not – there’s a Jeremy Irons or oligarchy running this – unleashing the hounds.

Now look at Johnson.  Either he’s a total blithering idiot [steady on, chaps, let’s all come together] … or else he’s in thrall and remains shtum … or else he’s right in on the whole thing.  He’s most certainly aware, he knows how to use social media.

Farage is his biggest worry in one way but not in another.  Nigel chokes, is naive, is so easily played.

Take everything above in this post and that of other pundits, and what are you left with?

We the pundits and political social media followers

Every one of us has his or her own angle.  Mark Matis, the Floridian, always mentions ‘ Schwartz György’, Bill mentions ‘citizens’, voting and what that really means, all of us have some brains.

I’ve said over and over that you’re all mainly right – it IS all those things. We differ on angles of approach, that’s all.  Yes, Schwartz György is behind it but how can he be the one and only, if you also know about the Illumined and their cabal?  Where does Schwartz György fit into these families?

And the Black Nobility?

See, these things can’t just be dismissed, nor can this post about missing children. Nor can the links in this sidebar about Pizzagate and Epstein.  And what of Gates and PEPFAR?  They must all be factored in.  The UN is a whole topic on its own – start with the illumined Eleanor Roosevelt.

Schwartz György is enabled, he can’t be touched or else whoever is protecting him does not want. Why? Any human on earth can be got if they want. Money – just that? China could pay more than Schwartz György. No, it’s something more.

This is religious agenda and I do not mean Church or Islam – I mean the mystery religion controlling the UN, controlling the earth. Icke has come out of retirement, I see, and is not saying lizards, he’s saying the 1%. Very close.

One thing for sure is that we, the people, are powerless. I am your equal unless you have an army to protect you and ensure that I do your bidding. That’s all it is. Revolution? Spontaneous uprising? Don’t make me laugh – told they must vacate the area by 5 p.m.? That sort of revolution? State thugs hanging about in train stations to kick the s*** out of any who try to get home?

People, this is far worse than we can possibly imagine from the theatre we’ve been watching.

Further thoughts


As Dalrymple described, ‘the purpose is to humiliate’. Strange how they have to deploy ‘police officers and thousands of extra staff’ to enforce their dictats? Firstly, if it was a good idea, no force is necessary. And secondly, surely the movement of all those thousands in close proximity will negate any minute benefit derived from the imposing of the dictat?

Oberfueher Hancock dictates, we all comply. Top down living – what the govt allows you to do today.


Well of course they bleedin’ do – we’ve seen the footage. Is that the stage that pundit is still at?

The PTB are testing the waters and pushing the boundaries, they’re looking for the hard place beyond which people cannot be pushed. Palpatine found that with Darth Vader.

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  1. bruce charlton
    June 15, 2020 at 10:33

    We are way beyond logic, reason, common sense and anything like that. It may well be – by revealed preferences – that the UK has been until the day-before-yesterday the least ‘racist’ nation in the history of the world.

    But facts make no difference At All.

    By revealed preference, I mean that immigrants are In Fact prepared to risk their lives, sometimes die, to escape from France and other EU nations and get to Britain – which is simply not compatible with the place being a hellhole of ‘racism’.

    But facts make no difference At All.

    The whole charade depends upon the infinite gullibility and self-blinded moralism of ‘young people in full time education’.

    Antiracism has always been a pathetic, shallow, narrow, incoherent, cowardly, self-interested, self-hating charade of a ‘morality’; but now this is So Obvious that it is embarrassing… to anyone of normal sensibility.

    Alas normal sensibility is now as rare as Sainthood.

  2. Distant Relative
    June 15, 2020 at 14:27

    The ATIP documents identify for the first time exactly what was shipped to China.

    The list includes two vials each of 15 strains of virus (about 15 ml):

    Ebola Makona (three different varieties)
    Ivory Coast.
    Sudan Boniface.
    Sudan Gulu.
    Nipah Malaysia.
    Nipah Bangladesh.

    Because the CCP is so trustworthy and lovable.

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