Polly’s latest is up and it mentions the rioting of course but in an interesting way – why did they target Target?

The principals of that firm had a weird reaction – far from condemning the damage and violence, they expressed solidarity with the rioters, not calling them that name of course. Whaa?

She then moves onto Frankenmeat – firms like Memphis meats whose ‘scientists’ grow cells in some goop until it forms something approximating meat and then sell it as such.

The principals in that firm are also tied in with meat packing firms, real ones, such as Cargill and Tyson.  And again, far from being upset, far from seeing it as a rival to be bought out and killed off, they invest in Frankenfoods.

And what happens when Cv hits?  yep, they have some of the worst numbers on the planet for Cv illness.

You need to look at who staffs those places – mainly foreign workers, how many illegals?  So there are two things there – not only controlling meatpacking but they invest and part own the Frankenmeat.  Plus they are connected with Branson and Gates.

All of them are global left and global left is UN and UN has a flurry of agendas – 21, 30 etc. – all around this sustainability thing where no one eats methane exuding meat any more.

Thus they make it a fear thing to eat meat as we knew it, their MSM prints scarestories from chlorine chicken to battery hens to inumanity to animals and it tugs at our heartstrings – it does at mine and I don’t consider myself a lefty.

Agenda – not only following the UN agenda of banning things that were always good but megabucks wodgebunging as well to the principals [how much meat in the US is consumed yearly?], plus they throw Cv into the mix.  Same groups of high-ups, same people running the show.

Sleaze at a high level:

Yep, it’s Mr. Memphis Meats himself. And Memphis, which almost no one questions, thinking Memphis Tennessee has always been there – it is the centre of occult practices and the mystery religions which, if you’ve been paying attention, control the Masons and the Illumined chapters of that organisation.

Always it comes back to the loony religions or to put it another way – the evil ones.  That’s not in Polly’s video that’s me quoting Svali again.

And it’s utterly irrelevant if they’re truth or myth, point is that those religions permeate and control policy on a global scale – voila yet again:

The Shamballa force is in reality Life itself; and Life is a loving synthesis in action. We also used the Six Laws and Principles of the New Age to lead us towards creating a vision of how these principles might create patterns for the New Civilization humanity will be constructing over the next 2500 years.

If you think it’s only treehuggers in nature, go to the Pizzagate and other posts in the sidebar [cheers again, DR] and it’s far nastier than that … far nastier.  Essentially orthodox, standard people who’ve lived in a rational world within the Matrix and who see a vision of religion free morality have no idea what is happening in the breeding of new victims intergenerationally.

And these are the people who run firms like these two meat firms.  Noble would you say?

All right, you quietly mention to your better half, we know this farm down the road for your eggs and meat and whatnot.  Well you do … at present … but what if they’re a key supplier to the chains as well?  In that case, they’re in deep capture as to their practices and requirements.

Eventually, they die off like small firms anywhere Wallmart plants itself in town and to have any meat at all, you have what they provide, provided you sign up and have the card or chip.

You can say ‘ain’t gonna happen’ and make various gung ho noises if you like – I’m not sure most people are aware how sewn up this game is.  Minneapolis?  Trial run.  Frankenfood – trial run.  Brexit?  A laugh to Them.  Four years later and you really think the promises mean anything?

Here’s the video: