Morning song

A few hymns as promised [threatened?] the other day – the message is the thing for the faithful, the music is the thing for the others.

My CofE connection means I prefer the drier type of service, maybe encapsulated here:

So something at Westminster or York Minster is more for Higham, though of course it’s not everyone’s style. In a similar vein is this:

Then we stray into sheer good music, quite apart from its message, it could be an evening’s entertainment in troubled times:

Thank goodness for the Methodists and other Protestants I say, as they once were, as they lightened the mood a bit. The forces of darkness are up against something pretty powerful over there – communities still actually faithful – politically it’s still a major factor in 2020:

Those blacks certainly got rhythm, pity so many fall under the spell of evil muvvers like BLM.

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