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Whitsun has been and gone. The essence of this celebration is the confirmable fact of existence that the Holy Ghost is everywhere at all times and for all people who choose to acknowledge and meet with him; a guide and comforter; a beloved friend.

Interesting word, ‘confirmable’ and when applied to the First Person and Second, there’s a certain amount of faith required, a line across which fewer and fewer can cross … but the Holy Spirit is another matter because He or It can be affirmed by millions, including some august names through the years because He dwells within a real Christian and enables him or her to detect humbug often enough.

Sir Henry at Rawlinson End observed, as he poured hisself another: ‘These are the only spirits I want tormenting my body!’ But in so saying, he was simply affirming the nature of the internal war inside a believer.

To cut a long story short, it’s just as much ‘possession’ by a spirit as anything in Doctor Who or sci-fi. Humans are fine with the concept of personal demons – not happy that they’re in there, just knowing that they exist.  Many understand the nature of portals too, e.g. in The Mummy, in Terminator 3.  The portal in the US just now is the DemRat party and Obama.

Well the Holy Spirit is what it says on the box and the portal is John 3:16 – that’s what Whitsuntide is about.  The concept of the Trinity can only be if there are three, so the least understood, the Third, is what keeps the faith alive and Them have no chance whatever of snuffing belief out if/while a Third Person exists.  It’s not even a debate. An outsider can philosophise, speculate, hypothesise, but only a Believer can know.

Someone saying he’s a Christian, I’m sorry, means diddly squat, keep an eye on the fruits that’s where the truth of the assertion lies. And what complicates this is when a CINO says of another – you are not Christian. How would a CINO know?

I’m highly suspicious of heads of churches, tele-evangelists, the false pope, whoever condemned Joan of Arc, Constantine, jury’s out on the Donald, Torquemada, Cranmer.  As for Pelosi quoting scripture – easy to see where she and her fellow hellhound Clinton are bound but that’s for the Trinity to sort out in the next life.

So this week is the festival of Whitsuntide – in my book, second only to Easter Day.

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  1. Bruce Charlton
    June 3, 2020 at 14:25

    @James. Well said!

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