Just how obvious is all of this?

Tucker Calls Out Spineless Republicans Over Lack Of Fighting Spirit https://t.co/bNfG9e0AyT — Matt Couch 🎙 (@RealMattCouch) July 1, 2020


There are things which unfortunately go together.

  1. The first could be RINOs in the pay of and willing to do nothing to prevent the global agenda pushing forward, one which has been mooted for many decades but now has once again gathered pace.
  2. The connection between that agenda and evil. If you cannot accept the concept of evil, then you are defenceless, a babe in the woods, of any age. I mean something capable of possessing people such as Marcus Scarman in The Pyramids of Mars and you can take that a number of ways – from ‘simple’ alcoholism through to Ted Bundy. Remember the pizzagate thread we had?  Allison Mack?
  3. Aside from the paid swamp above whom Tucker refers to, there are also the agents or legions at ground level and which of these two sides are evil – that weapon-naive couple in that footage from St Louis which has done rounds … or the mob who came for them?
  4. If you then analyse that mob, there are the usual suspects who commit most of the crime [shhhhh, one must never name the colour or cult] … but there’s a new lot now which are seen at Antifa and BLM riots – lawless college and high school kids, not at school due to Covid.
  5. And if you analyse them, the lack of parenting from birth, the lack of any code such as the gospel values, plus the ‘entertainment’ they are allowed today or else have run rings around their parents to access and conceal … and there you have a pool of fodder for someone like a Soros. While you watch reruns of old movies, they’re into zombie apocalypse and the like and are then told at school, in games, in film, in music, who the enemy are – go out and kill, kids.

Who are the enemy?  Anyone getting in their way.

  1. And combining that with the naturally unsocialised state of a kid anyway, which good parenting and schooling weaned out of us as we grew up – without that now, you have walking moral vacuums like Casey Anthony and one I’m not allowed to mention, plus any number of psycho kids like them.

When I was in Year 7, we had a nutter kid who was known to dismember animals live and all his stories were bloody – he was the class nutter.  One off, maybe there might have been two or three others.

Now look at a class today.

  1. It’s simple logic to determine whom the most susceptible are to brainwashing – the traditional demographics, innit? Think whom Charlie Manson was easily able to control. Weakminded eternal children, feckless and morally retarded, no integrity, no social ethics.  Empty.
  1. And if in the clutches of such angel-faced fiends, who would ever have been wary? Because, let’s face it, someone who is wary has either seen the face of evil himself and recognises it immediately or else has been on the edge of it himself and again knows the signs immediately but is called a nutter for coming out and saying such things.

From the real situation of those three above to the fictional, playacted by these three, it’s the same motif.  It’s the motif we saw in Jim Morrison’s psycho lyrics – so why did we not become bad little psychos under that influence?  We grew out of it, di’in we, mostly, for us it was just to shock the oldies … but today it’s no longer fantasy, no longer playacting.

There is a saying about being forewarned. When you see an angel face with steely eyes today, it’s wiser not to engage, whatever your instinct to tell him/her off is – what you are up against is someone whose head today may well be full of such rank evil, played out in film and electronic games, exposure every which way they turn, way too early, over and over.

  1. What percentage are sane kids and what percentage Jim Morrison style insane kids?  Who knows?  Almost all are exposed to that culture now, but just how many are brainwashed into worse?  I’d say it’s roughly the same percentage that we see at demonstrations and riots, the percentage of SJWs who deplatform invited speakers at colleges.

Chilling? Reality. Someone who knows where to look in the New Testament sees it written there fairly plainly, not even in parables.

And so we come back to the maybe allegorical St Louis couple but there’ve been plenty of others – remember Myleene Klaas and the little thugs climbing over her back fence? What happened? She was detained by Plod.

This was before Cressida Dick – is it better or worse for safety now? Think on’t.

Which have you produced as parents? It depends on your parenting, does it not, plus what their heads are now full of from all those sources.

Just be aware, that’s all I’m saying – we really do reap what we sow and the danger can be from the direction you’re not directed to look by media, both mainstream and social.

Psychological torture of the population

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