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Continuing these potted histories – if for no other reason, they justify youtube’s existence, IMHO. This is about why flying boats failed to be the immediate and longterm future after the end of WW2. An American perspective:

Machinery which impressed you

Giving the music a break – jazz tomorrow evening. Instead, just this look at the R18 and then a task for you. We’ve looked at planes, trains and automobiles, also rockets and sailboats. My question to you is which machinery…

The oceanic lateen

This is one case where Wikipedia betrays its western nature – it makes a statement directly in contradiction to that of Hokulea/Hawaiians/Polynesians. A most interesting article in itself but for me, the key question was – does a sail…


Continuing the historical series: One comment: It’s 60 miles from where I live. I can tell you, the first time I was driving up towards it, the view … I have to admit it has something magical/spiritual when u finally…