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Jean Simmons

What’s my line is appropriate here as I could not get a line on what this post would be about. First it was about Jack Lord and Steve McGarrett, then about the annoying journo who hounds him, all of that…

Laura Decker revisited

Puzzled who this crowd are: There are two things about them – the word ‘global’, also them being in Switzerland/Germany, the centre of the global deep state, also [three things, there are three things about them] being involved in…

R.I.P. Dave Greenfield

Guardian: Music writer Pete Paphides’ recent memoir, Broken Greek, contains a vivid description of its seven-year-old author encountering the Stranglers for the first time, during a 1977 Top of the Pops appearance.


Rossa’s mother has sent this photograph below – the relevant car is the one on our left [click photo and click again until it embiggens]: To quickly bring you up to speed: The significance of the car on the…