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1. Oh dear, maybe I was wrong: Revealed: Flight logs prove Duke of York’s Epstein girl WAS at key locations… and on each occasion Prince Andrew was never far away, so now will he help her lawyers? 2. Haiku: There…


1. I hold no candle for Airmiles and there’s only archived material on all the other things, e.g. the Welfs, which tells me this, no proof either way, but somehow I don’t buy that he’s a fully fledged member of…


1. Laze and Gem, this Sunday is hellish busy, this might be the only post, I’ll try for some music in the evening. 2. This is something you’d expect at Daily Mash or The Onion or similar, a spoof of…

Saturday too

1. A timely reminder: If we can step back to the context of the day, the various revolutions had been, there’d been 1812, the establishment were edgy and someone among them gave the order to charge and murder.


We’re truly in the silly season when the unprincipled pollies on holidays think it would be fun to take over the country and squabble over who’s the boss the country will learn to love. 1. Uh huh: 2. Pity really…

Friday too

1. Higgs-Boson in response to Swinson wanting a ‘caretaker’ govt including Paedo-Harbag and Quisling-Clarke: 2. While six EU nations indicate they’ll take illegals from boats, Italy is standing up for its nation:


1. It’s too distressing to run the sheer gall of these Islamists who have taken over in Minnesota: 2. Ladies and gentlemen, I have to do a balancing act.