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Callooh Callay

It’s not been a good weekend, since Friday actually, nothing mega-disastrous like a heart attack but just frustration beyond.  People let you down the whole time. Had a call just now which showed a definite upturn, [more below], plus this:…

Sunday home report

No, not the caretaker govts and so on (boycott Walker’s crisps) but really home, like here. Big boat moves today (no, not launching) but all the same, took a lot yesterday. The bstd teed up to help me put up…

Crab Rangoon

Some decades back in Oz, there was a drink which aped alcohol and the slogan was: “The drink you have when you’re not drinking,” or similar. Firm was Clayton’s and for a while, anything ersatz was a Clayton’s [fill in…

Nourishing Obscurity office life

Stole this pic from Knuckledraggin.  What he doesn’t fully appreciate is that it’s actually one of our N.O. board meetings: Meanwhile, where are our gals? We were caught out once before you know: Scoop: nourishing obscurity staff finally exposed!