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Verdant Israel

The 08:00 and 13:00 slots have turned into places for strange and interesting topics. Quite nice, that. With this one, I saw the title Northern Israel and thought it might be interesting to explore, especially as there’s so much anger…

SpaceX launch

Best turn this into a post for any who might wish to comment, Mark M just has. SpaceX text update – BBC – liftoff was 20:22! Anything further we’ll run here or in comments through the night.

Are British cars better or worse now?

Second question – is there anything which can be called a ‘British’ car anymore?  Stupid questions, as Dearieme might say.  😀 Simon [Richards, CEO Freedom Association] gives his take: The Marina worse than the Pinta in the US?…

Kelston toll road

This is a nice series, taking our minds off our troubles for a short while, good for the sanity. There’s another tomorrow at 8 a.m., and it’s a good ’un, I can tell ye.