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Polly’s latest is up and it mentions the rioting of course but in an interesting way – why did they target Target? The principals of that firm had a weird reaction – far from condemning the damage and violence, they…

Space Station

1. What is the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer for? 2. What percentage of earth’s gravity is it at the ISS? 3. When did assembly begin? 4. What was the first module of the ISS launched? 5. What’s the joint airlock’s name?…

SpaceX launch

Best turn this into a post for any who might wish to comment, Mark M just has. SpaceX text update – BBC – liftoff was 20:22! Anything further we’ll run here or in comments through the night.

Are British cars better or worse now?

Second question – is there anything which can be called a ‘British’ car anymore?  Stupid questions, as Dearieme might say.  😀 Simon [Richards, CEO Freedom Association] gives his take: The Marina worse than the Pinta in the US?…