Header images


It took ten years to find a header image which would say what it was meant to.

Though various header images are used at this blog, depending on the time of year, the pic above from wallpaper.com was the closest I could get for the default header, which runs across all versions of nourishing obscurity.

There’s the bookishness of my scholastic days, the obvious traditional yacht, pencils for designing, a pastime, the vista opens up onto an outside world of possibilities, the bric-a-brac is cluttered and yet neatly arranged, orderly yet cavalier. The greenery and city beyond suggest travelling close to nature.

I’d like to have worked an image of a woman in there somewhere as they’ve filled so much of my life, for good and for bad. Perhaps she’s on the yacht or still out there somewhere:

The song which also could have been used on this page is Fool’s Gold.