2.  Plain, stark barking

… and we don’t mean Tallbloke:

1. From Gab

Woke leftists are calling for statues of Jesus to be torn down.

C are being fired for posting Bible verses on social media. 

C are being kicked out of places they rent for “liking” Charlie Kirk tweets.

C are being arrested for preaching the Gospel in the streets.

Pinterest is censoring Bible verses and Christian terms.

C in China who join Zoom calls for worship are later arrested by the CCP.

Tucker Carlson [June, 2020]

“This is not a momentary civil disturbance. This is a serious, and highly organized political movement…It is deep and profound and has vast political ambitions. It is insidious, it will grow. It’s goal is to end liberal democracy and challenge western civilization itself. This is an ideological movement… Even now, many of us pretend this is about police brutality. …We think we can fix it by regulating chokeholds or spending more on de-escalation training. We’re too literal and good-hearted to understand what’s happening. …But we have no idea what we are up against. ..These are not protests. This is a totalitarian political movement and someone needs to save the country from it.”

Svali, illumined dissident [CentrExNews.com, 2000]:

The random factor in all of this is how the average citizen reacts. It can’t be predicted, although [the] leadership will often invent different scenarios, and try to decide how they will act if the ordinary citizens react in an unexpected manner.

Event 201 for example, at Johns Hopkins?

I was told that around 2020, the … agenda would be revealed openly. I don’t know if this is accurate, or just propaganda that I was taught, or if they have changed this date since I was in the group.

These are NOT nice people and they use and manipulate others viciously. They cut their eye teeth on status, power, and money.

As I mentioned before, the CIA and the [cabal] are definitely linked. The top leadership in the CIA are also [cabal] leaders. I mentioned Dulles and Gottlieb as men I knew personally as a child and young adult.

Senator William Jenner of Indiana [Feb. 23, 1954], before the U.S. Senate:

“Today the path to total dictatorship in the United States can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by Congress, the President, or the people.

We have a well-organized political action group in this country, determined to destroy our Constitution and establish a one-party state. It has a foothold within our Government, and its own propaganda apparatus. One may call this group by many names. Some people call it socialism, some collectivism. I prefer to call it ‘democratic centralism.’

The important point to remember about this group is not its ideology but its organization. It is a dynamic, aggressive, elite corps, forcing its way through every opening, to make a breach for a collectivist one-party state. It operates secretly, silently, continuously to transform our Government without our suspecting the change is underway.

This secret revolutionary corps understands well the power to influence the people by an elegant form of brainwashing. We see this, for example, in the innocent use of words like ‘democracy’ in place of ‘representative government.’ “

Situation as of Thursday morning

To say it’s a nightmare is an understatement.

Even at ONO, I can’t run the ‘Nameday’ post format because when the subheading is coloured and in bold, it causes issues. The simple act, on WP, is to move down two lines and start typing in plain text, as this is now.

Not in Blgr. In Blgr, ALL text then comes out coloured and in bold. To fix it means deformatting the previous numbered subheading, then typing, then reformatting – too many steps on a regular basis. At WP, it was perfectly easy.

ONO is not a blogger friendly platform, nor is it a reader friendly platform with its comments mechanism, as you’ve discovered. Not for any length of time.

Alternative? There is WPdotcom [currently the archive]. We’ve been through all that – WPdotcom is a nightmare inside because of this stupid editing thing some script kiddies thought was cool to inflict on bloggers.

The only viable way is WP NO [or the WPdotorg version] you know as NO. But here’s this morning’s story about that:

NO itself

I actually did get it to the point where both site front page and dashboard were instantly accessible without special help, just as with OoL for example. Good eh? We were moving along well.

Went in with a ‘Thursday’ post, intending to surprise readers and it contained links and embedding code for a Twitter item – should be all right because Twitter is a saved app here. Got into the site fine, moved around doing this and that, fast, not an issue.

Now came the post [still copied on clipboard], clicked publish. 404. Went out, came back in and tried again, would not publish – this time the MS page said site could not be found.

Tried again [at least I was getting in easily]. Tried to publish, took me to a page which was taking the p***. After the blurb about diagnostics, it asked if I’d like to play a game in the meantime. Next time I’ll screenshot it so you know I’m not having you on here. What a thing to tell someone who’s been stymied.

Bottom line

If I post a short post of a few paragraphs, no links, no Twitter item, no images, it sometimes publishes as you can see over there. While I do need to cut down images, image sizes themselves have expanded in size, for the same item. So a small picture of, say, 470px across, which used to take up maybe 50kb, depending on many factors, now could be up to 120kb – you see how that is going to make the space usage soar.

Just on that point – Blgr here say I can have a background image as you can see but they say the limit is 300kb. They then say the image needs to be 1800px by 1600px so as to not upset the formatting. There is no image whatever today which is that size and under 300kb – it’s like wanting a Ferrari for £2000. Reason I mention this is that whoever is telling us these things clearly does not blog.

Reason I can’t switch comments on over at NO is this – if I try to post something it does not like, it not just refuses but takes me out of the site and then in perpetuity, with all sorts of bells and whistles going off. Short of clearing cookies, rebooting, restarting the router, buying a new laptop, there’s no way out of it. That, to me, is not what blogging is about.

Various techies are giving conflicting advice. One says it’s BT, another says rubbish, it’s not the provider. One says I’m toxic and yet I can operate in every other site except NO. One says it’s my IP but BT keeps changing that and it’s not been a problem before last Friday, then it suddenly did what it did. So what happened last Friday then?

To repeat myself – I can get in fast via the special method, also via the regular method if I restart the router. In both cases, all is good until I try to post. That sets off alarm bells, notice panels etc. After that, the site cannot be reached by any method.

I’m sure you see how impossible that is. I think the issue is not my name, otherwise I’d be blocked in many places – it’s something else and the notices keep referring to ‘the site’ not responding. What does ‘the site’ mean?

I do suspect someone is doing this and feel it’s related to IP addresses. That’s where I now am. I’ll try to post this at NO [no links, no other code] after restarting the router again.

What to do?

There’ll have to be a major change that’s for sure, and that I’ll be discussing with host[s] today. This is illustrated best by mentioning the chap who helps with the boat. He was here ready to start not long ago, not cybertechnical in the least, did not understand my blathering on as I have online here about the issue – all he saw was sunshine out there and a boat needing building.

And he’s right. Just how much longer must this go on? You’ll notice I mentioned above, in passing, ‘I do suspect someone is doing this’ and then moved off that and onto IP addresses. But it would be the easiest thing in the world for someone technically adept, someone earning big money in the cyber world out there, to type in some code which makes the very mention of certain words, names, links, set off the clobbering process I’ve mentioned. Now how do I explain that to a tech rational mind who suspects no skulduggery in the world and only sees things in terms of putting in the right code in and ticking the right boxes?

I’m sufficiently rationalist to see how code works – you have to cover all bases and therein lies the skill. There is no emotion in this – if you have failed to type in even an asterisk, you negate the whole thing. So you keep plugging away until the variable at fault is found. If it takes a techie weeks to find it, just how long does it take a man who has a boat to build in the good weather?

So the rational mind then asks, in that calculated way: ‘Well you’ll have to decide then, James, won’t you?’

Yes. But first, there are some things which can still be tried. While the weather beckons outside.

Test post



I am a retired physician. Over my career, I’ve had some contact with epidemiology. I’ll be blunt here: I came away unimpressed with that field. Here’s why:

1. When a pandemic strikes, I’ve never once witnessed an epidemiologist get his hands dirty in providing actual patient care. So where the rubber meets the road during a pandemic, they’re useless.

2. Their models, and therefore their advice and counsel, are based upon best guesses from previous pandemics. It’s been pretty clear during COVID-19 that in any number of cases, their accuracy has been less than impressive.

State of play

Still issues, I’m in now but for how long?  It gives, then takes away. Post won’t publish if it has a link or is from elsewhere, e.g. Twitter item.

More tomorrow if I can post.  Getting in is not the issue, posting is.