Pre-election [5]

29. The failure to see through someone

There’s a theme which has come up of late on the youtube suggestions which I use to get ideas at times – for example, in putting up the mandolin Vivaldi, it latched onto that and suggested a few others, which is handy. I know it’s conceding privacy but viewing habits are not something I’m greatly concerned with protecting.

Anyway, this theme is not about sexual cheating or promiscuity or anything like that but in simply being so starry-eyed that a person does not, cannot see through the other. For a start, there’s my own chequered past but why stop there?  As there’s a lot of Welsh in this, why not go back to the Arthurian romances – to Guinevere and Lancelot.

What does Arthur do?  Leaves a girl who’s a bit thick under the protection of his Adonis-looking N1 warrior whilst he goes off to war.

On youtube, the film for TV was Why Didn’t They Ask Evans [more of that further down] and the two enamoured of each other were James Warwick and Francesca Annis  [in a later series Tommy and Tuppence] who each meet a femme-fatale [Madeleine Smith] or man-fatale [Leigh Lawson] respectively and in Annis’s case especially, lose all reason when assured all is well by the object of admiration.

Pre-election [4]

28.  Last questions

If you had the chance to put one last, one line question to ONE of either the blue, red, yellow and turquoise leaders in front of you on the podium, what would that final question be?

27.  Preheating pot and cup

Given that the base tea is Yorkshire, just ordinary Yorkshire, why the huge disparity between brewing methods. I don’t even use a method as such, not in an ideologically fanatical way – there just happens to be a pot and cup combination on my shelf.

Pre-election [3]

24. Two blogs to check out today

23. Speaking of trannies…

… which a reader did this morning, well yes, it’s designed to destroy family, is it not? Yet another nail in the coffin.

As the Spectator’s James Kirkup revealed, transgender activists attack parental rights by getting ahead of the government agenda, tying their issue to more popular movements to create a “veil of protection,” and working in secret to “keep press coverage to a minimum.” In this way, they use their status as a minority to manipulate the government into enacting policies that would be opposed by the majority.

Long weekend [12]

63.  The Christmas Programme

Was thinking about it all today, the last day of this series of posts and the last day of flu.  The days dovetail nicely.

This week is a new series but still in this current format, to be called Pre-Election, finishing in the wee hours of December 13th with live election blogging, at which point, a daily format starts, culminating each evening from December 13th to 24th inclusive.

Haven’t named this series yet but it will probably be ‘Christmas’.  Headers will be all Christmassy during that series too.  Don’t want to call it Advent because the carols will be called that – 1, 2, 3 etc.

Twelve carols, some from last year, some new. Definitely in there are Boar’s Head, Merry Gentlemen, the one I call Agreeable Odour, my mother’s Drummer Boy and Adeste Fideles on the 24th, to usher in Christmas Day

Other than that, your suggestions for carols would be welcome, the programme to be posted during December 12th.