Music’s not just for singing along with or dancing to, any classical concertgoer can tell you that – yes, there’s a place for the sublime but there’s also a place for another type, a more trance like, primal yet understated form, based on repeated riff and rhythm, over which ideas and variants are laid.

In the past, I’ve called it ‘extruded music’ but that’s not quite right – the difference between it and supermarket or lift [elevator] muzak is the presence of intelligence, unpredictable, overlaid and borne away by the wind.  Why should we be all left hemisphere or all right hemisphere, why not a blending of precision and the laid back?  The eagle floating on the thermal coming up from the hot valley.

Steely Dan understood the principle, so did these two, so did JJ. It’s variation in lovemaking as well, laid over the primal rhythm.  Somber understands it – attention to the rules but in an apparently discordant form – he’d no doubt put it differently.  The mind rebels against stagnation.

Durango, if you look at the name of the train in the header, refers to this railway: