Wednesday too

1. Red faces:

Coming back to the WA he’s still trying to push through:

He plans to betray the country behind the tough talk and soft words to supporters. He has every intention of keeping the UK in the customs union and paying the 39 billion.

2. How advertisers target you:

[Oops, forgot the url, have now lost it, the url that is.]

When you go to a website and load a page, in the milliseconds that it takes for that page to load, there are real-time auctions running in the background that determine which ads to load on your page. Almost all online ads are delivered in this way, where highly complex auction markets make their money by competing on who can better track users and invade their privacy more thoroughly.

The targeting begins the moment you as a reader visit any website. Typically, your IP address, your location, and the URL of the page you are on are swiped from your browser without your explicit knowledge, and shared with advertising companies that run these ad auctions. The goal, of course, is to build as specific a portrait about you as possible—by linking your device with your identity—and cookies are a common tool for doing so.

3. Who would ever have thought?

More on that Bartel split

Over here there was Giggs and all that, Deayton, Clarkson. In most cases, it wasn’t just the affairs, it was the really low moral fibre, not only of the males but the females too – Natasha Giggs.

Downunder, the biggest story from 2005 was just such a bout of cheating while she IVF pregnant – Deayton’s wife was pregnant too when he did it.

This Kelli Stevens was interviewed in 2015 about why she did it:

But she did admit that the affair was a mistake and agreed there could be ‘no greater betrayal’.

Hubby protected her and attacked the man in it, the marriage lasted a few more years until she was at it again.  Once can be a mistake, twice two mistakes, any more is a system.

So to today and the champion footballer was at it with someone else, I’ve already posted on it.

Let’s bring some of this together

Readers generally rate the best articles as those arguing a case and crammed with details and links. That’s fine on most topics.

On the paedo and intelligence question though, it is deliberately murky and misleading, all there are are snippets, many which seem to make no sense.

There is a level though, particularly when we get onto Israeli intelligence, where we’re into a completely different game, an ancient game involving ancient religion and politics. Along the way,there are intriguing names such as Matt Hancock. Now I see his tweets and his stance is peculiar.

Which gets me to the point where you really must have explored a decade ago, when the material was still around, to have any chance of understanding all this – coming to it of late is not going to give the backstory.

Would that the rest departed too

Mike Ashley sacks Jack Wills boss Suzanne Harlow

suzanne harlow

Sports Direct tycoon Mike Ashley has sacked Jack Wills boss Suzanne Harlow, just weeks after buying the retailer out of administration.

Retail Week understands former Debenhams executive Harlow was ousted from the preppy fashion retailer yesterday following a meeting with Ashley.

Jack Wills staff were informed of her departure yesterday.

A source close to Harlow said she would not want people to think that she would walk away from a difficult situation.

By ‘the rest’, I mean all the incompetents.