Your plausible deniability no longer cuts it, Dorsey

Jack Dorsey was feeding some BS to people about how innocent he is of any of the things the Donald is intimating. This guy responded and it’s worth looking through – as a techie, in order to tell if he does know what he’s talking about … and as a layman, to be aware [a bit more perhaps] how it all works.

I’d suggest you click the screenshot and click again until it’s readable:


Try these

Where and what is or was:

1. Seneca Village
2. Puffing Billy
3. Bimini Highway
4. Craco
5. Machu Picchu
6. Cat Island
7. Die Rakotzbrück

What does anyone want?

Tied up with chores just now, can’t run a long post, saw this at the Wail:

What do men REALLY want? Males reveal the personality traits they find most attractive in a woman.

Methinks it’s dead easy both ways:

1. Being a nice person, neither a bstd nor loony but eccentric’s fine. Having reasonable looks, no more, and no really nasty habits.

2. Enjoy doing different things together.

3. Fidelity. Being the centre of her world and vice-versa, not being an appendage, a satellite, not being there to keep her just to support her lifestyle.

Methinks reasonable males and reasonable females want roughly the same thing from the other.

4.  This would be money up to a minimum level of comfort, not in a bad area, reasonable security, nice meals, occasional trips.

To me, anything else is just an extra. I don’t believe in ‘love in a cottage’ as it’s unrealistic, nor do I believe in an acquisitive nature – had enough of that in the past.

Though they seem reasonable tickboxes in my mind, I would not be surprised if they were insurmountable in this day and age.

The teardrop yard

This is going to take some explaining, it follows on from the last post on rig.

The sail is essentially the oceanic lateen – there are upsides and downsides to it. The up are that it spills wind better than any other before human hand can get to it. She looks nice and has enormous drive off the wind through that vortex.  She loses that advantage dead downwind.

This is Gary Dierking’s version in NZ: